Large Format IR & PCap Touchscreen Cleaning Recommendations

By | April 22, 2020

IR and PCap Touch Screen Cleaning Recommendations

TSITouch is a major provider of touchscreen overlays for large format touchscreens. 55″ is arguably the most popular but larger and smaller are both major markets.

We checked with TSI to see what they say.

Most screens, independent of if they have touch, protective, or raw OEM panels are not sealed against water intrusion.   We did have a customer whose cleaning staff was using a mop, same one as they used to clean the floor, and they were killing the screens on a routine basis.  Any cleaning solution should first be applied to a lint free cloth which is then used to clean the screen. No electronics should be sprayed and them wiped.

Soapy water leaves a thin residue on most surfaces so it is not recommended for cleaning screens.   The best cleaner  for displays with and without touch or protective solutions is any cleaner that does not have a high concentration of alcohol in it.     Continued application of high alcohol concentrate cleaners will cause exposed plastics to discolor and become brittle over time.

TSItouch offers a screen cleaner that is < 98% deionized water <2 % BIO T Max and < .1% AEM 5772-5.  AEM 5772-5 is an anti-microbial  and BIO T Max is a biodegradable solvent  typically used to removed oil and grease as well as other oil based products.  Any product with a similar composition will work well.

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