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By | June 18, 2021

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Make self-service kiosks accessible to people with visual impairments.

When you welcome people who are blind or partially sighted to use your self-service kiosks, it’s a win for your customers and a win for your brand.

Deliver a positive experience for all customers and make your self-service stations accessible with SuperNova Kiosks.

More than 30 years of expertise means the Dolphin team of assistive technology specialists are here to help make your kiosk project a success.

A complete solution for all levels of sight.

The World Health Organisation estimates that there are 285 million people who are living with sight loss worldwide. This includes 39 million people who are blind and 246 million people who are partially sighted.

Make your self-service stations accessible for all levels of sight. Choose SuperNova Kiosks and empower people with partial sight to explore the screen in comfort and provide complete access for people who are blind.

What’s included with SuperNova Kiosks?

SuperNova Kiosks provides everything your business needs to make your self-service stations accessible.

Crystal clear magnification

Magnification from 1.2 up to 64 times means text on your kiosk display will always look smooth and clear.

Intuitive touch screen magnification

Unrivalled touch screen experience for people with low vision. Explore the screen with one finger, use two to zoom in, or tap three for more options.

High contrast colours

24 accessible colour schemes, carefully designed to reduce glare and maximise comfort for kiosk users.

Complete screen reader

Announces all options available on the kiosk screen using human-sounding voices.

Support for Storm AudioNav keypads

Empower people who are blind to explore your kiosks using tactile buttons. SuperNova loads automatically when headphones are inserted, announcing each option on the screen as the user navigates.

SuperNova API and scripting

Customise SuperNova for your bespoke kiosk project – choose magnification, speech or both. Work with Dolphin to ensure your kiosk application works seamlessly with speech and magnification.

More Info

A partnership of expertise in assistive technology

Whether you need advice or technical support to deliver an accessible kiosk experience, the Dolphin team of assistive technology experts are here to help.

Right from design stage, your developers can rely on Dolphin’s proven expertise to enhance the accessibility of your kiosk application. Dolphin offers flexible support, service and licensing terms to ensure the long-term success of your kiosk project.

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