Kiosk Tradeshow – NRF 2016 Preview – The Big Show Retail

By | January 15, 2016

January is the NRF 2016 trade show in New York.  This year looks to be busier than ever for self-service and signage. I did a count of exhibitors and it over three pages long.  Retail lockers and automation are going to be high on the list of attention again this year.

I‚Äôll be there (big thanks to Pitney Bowes and Tom Hartmann) and if you want to meet up let me know. ¬†I’ve published a preview that lists most of the booths I will be stopping by to visit. There are the usual suspects as well like Intel, Dell and Cisco. I was going to say HP but there are not exhibiting this year. “Used to be” they had a massive booth. ¬†It’s interesting to see who has and hasn’t budget.

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