ADA Point of Sale – Update from Kiosk Industry

By | January 3, 2017
ada kiosk for POS

ADA POS – Updates for Kiosk Industry

ADA kiosk POS

Click full size. Example of wheelchair violation

December 2023 —  Looks like the release of guidance on point of sale by U.S. Access Board is going to be next spring

We have some updates for ADA and kiosks.

  1. Add-on for Verifone POS
  2. Tactile “bumps”
  3. Tax incentives for ADA (deductions and credits)
  4. US Access Board meeting for January
  5. ADA Working Group for Kiosk Industry Group.


#1 — New add-on for POS and ADA compliance from Taylor Stands.  Detachable POS with tether (patent pending).  Here is the pitch — ADA Compliance is the Law. Buy the Taylor ADA Blue-Lever™ for your Verifone POS device. Be ADA and PCI-DSS compliant at your checkout! Don’t let your merchants get caught in an ADA Compliance at Point of Sale checkout lawsuit. These ADA fines are sweeping the U.S.  [Links to Walmart ADA POS suit given below]

ada detectible

Click for full size

#2 — Tactile Warnings — We have not documented these previously but there are ADA guidelines for surfaces in public spaces to have detectable pattens for blind with cane.  They are essentially little domes built into the floor.  See section 705 for Detectable Warnings.

#3 — Tax Considerations –  Two tax incentives are available to businesses to help cover the cost of making access improvements. The first is a tax credit that can be used for architectural adaptations, equipment acquisitions, and services such as sign language interpreters. The second is a tax deduction that can be used for architectural or transportation adaptations.  The maximum tax credit is $5000. The maximum tax deduction is $15,000.

Fact Sheet on ADA Tax Incentive

#4 — U.S. Access Board Meeting.  The U.S. Access Board will hold its next meeting on January 11 from 1:30 – 3:00 (ET) at the Board’s conference space in downtown Washington, D.C. The public is welcome to attend in person or through a live webcast of the meeting. The meeting agenda includes updates on Board rulemaking and other activities.

#5 — ADA Working Group – The Kiosk Industry is putting together a group on ADA which will also cover EMV for now. If interested in participating pls contact Craig.

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Additional Pictures

Detachable POS for ada kiosk

Click full size. Open view of taylor detach mechanism. Pull down on tab to release POS terminal on tether cable.


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