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By | October 12, 2023
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YORK, Pa. — A new version update of KioWare Server has been released. Version 5.3 is now available with many improvements that work toward the company’s goal of constantly improving user experience.

The updates to version 5.3 of KioWare Server include integrated windows authentication, console improvements, screenshot support, new out of service mode capability, CreateDB improvements, and other various bug fixes.

To learn more about these improvements and bug fixes, please click here.

Analytical Design Solutions, Inc. dba KioWare has been in business since 1991 providing IT consulting to businesses of all sizes is located in York, Pennsylvania, and is a worldwide market leader in self-service kiosk and purposed device markets. KioWare is kiosk system software that kiosk applications are built on and is used in over 15,000 projects in over 140 countries with project deployments that range from a handful to many thousands of kiosks.

v 5.3


Integrated Windows Authentication

Users can now login to KioWare Server using Windows or Active Directory credentials. This is exclusive to local instances and not available for KioCloud.


Console Improvements

Several console improvements were made including the ability to set default geolocation data and the ability to add a description in kiosk naming.


Screenshot Support

Improved default values and safety checks for incoming screenshots were added. Associated Kiosks have been added to the Screenshot Report Page.


Out of Service Mode

Added capability to put KioWare into and out of ‘Out of Service Mode’ via a Server Command.


CreateDB Improvements

CreateDB can now be run on Linux in “command line” mode.


Various Bug Fixes

A variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

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