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Kiosk Monitoring – KioWare Server Version 5.3

KioWare Server Version 5.3 is Now Available! YORK, Pa. — A new version update of KioWare Server has been released. Version 5.3 is now available with many improvements that work toward the company’s goal of constantly improving user experience. The updates to version 5.3 of KioWare Server include integrated windows authentication, console improvements, screenshot support, new out of service… Read More »

Kiosk Monitoring – EloView 4 Remote Monitoring for Android

EloView 4 Remote Kiosk Monitoring is Here! Monitoring your kiosks and digital signage players ensures they operate smoothly and effectively. Proactive monitoring can identify and resolve issues before they impact customer experience and brand reputation. It helps to: Prevent Downtime: Detect hardware malfunctions, software glitches, and network connectivity issues promptly to minimize downtime and keep your kiosks and… Read More »

Kiosk Statistics, Kiosk Health & Kiosk Reporting

View your kiosk health, usage statistics, and status using KioWare Server. Remotely monitor, update content, and group your kiosks for reporting purposes. View a kiosk dashboard with licensing and heartbeat information, group kiosks by location, manage Windows, iOS and Android kiosks (running KioWare or KioskPro) all with KioWare Server.   [slideshare id=40248195&doc=kioskstatisticsandreporting-141014080142-conversion-gate02] Post Views: 895

KioWare Releases New Versions of Kiosk Software

Version 3.4 of KioWare for Android is now available. Also available is Version 7.3.0 of KioWare for Windows. With External Device Support for a plethora of new devices, this latest release of KioWare Kiosk Software Products allows for integration with new payment, printing, and security devices. Source: Disable status bar, Spanish language, and EMV compliance & devices… Read More »