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Executing a Successful Tablet Deployment Step 2 Whitepaper

Determining Your Budget

Once you’ve defined the goals for your kiosk project, the second step is determining your budget. A kiosk deployment project is just like all major projects—there’s lots of areas to consider and even then, expenses can show up when least expected. Let’s talk about how you can avoid any budget surprises.  Excerpts below. Read the full whitepaper.


The type of hardware you’ll need largely depends on your goals. Having a clearly defined vision of what you want to accomplish with your kiosk deployment will help to ensure you make the right hardware choices.


A great way to cover up front hardware costs is a leasing option with a negotiable monthly fee. The upside is that you can preserve your cash and credit line while your deployment gets up and running. In addition, lease payments may be deductible as an operating expense on tax returns as opposed to the depreciation and interest deductions that occur with financed equipment.


Of course, a successful deployment needs a custom, interactive app for quality customer service. Hiring a competent app developer with direct experience in your field is highly recommended. Once you have an app candidate, conduct at least one field test with extensive testing to ensure everything works as planned. One glitch could bring down an entire deployment!


Deployment and infrastructure need to be carefully considered at the pilot phase. Do you need to conduct on-site surveys at each location to ensure power outlet are accessible along with good wi-fi access? If you’re deploying more than one tablet, you should consider your network infrastructure requirements.


Let’s fast-forward past your successful deployment and talk about maintaining your tablet kiosks. To ensure continuous operation, you’ll need a way to monitor the kiosks plus be notified of any problems. There are several remote monitoring solutions on the market, some allow for remote troubleshooting, so if you’re is lucky, many problems can be fixed from your office.

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Press Release – Kiosk Group Revolution iPad Tablet Enclosure

You Said You Want a Revolution

Once again, Kiosk Group, Inc. shakes up the kiosk industry with the introduction of their new Revolution 16, a kiosk enclosure specially iPad Tablet kiosk enclosure designed for iPads and tablets, and ready to integrate a full line of peripheral devices.

5 February 2015 / Frederick, MD

Today, Kiosk Group, Inc. is debuting the next phase of self-service kiosks with its Revolution 16 enclosure. The “Rev 16” has been designed to offer short lead times, low-cost implementation and a large area for branding.

The Rev 16 will hold any 10” or 12”-class tablet as well as standard touchscreens up to 17”. It will also accept most kiosk accessories, including thermal printers, card readers and barcode scanners.

We Tell You That It’s Evolution

Kiosk Group started the iPad kiosk industry in 2010 with its Victory line of free-standing, countertop and wall iPad kiosks, and is now known for its talents in incorporating standard kiosk components into specialized enclosures for iPads, Android and Windows tablets.

“We’ve seen so much demand from customers needing to integrate multiple peripherals into a tablet kiosk that it became clear we needed to evolve our product lineup. We needed a super-flexible enclosure. The Rev 16 is the first product in our Revolution line to be announced,” said Kiosk Group’s president, Mike James.

We Say We’ve Got A Real Solution

The Revolution enclosure has been in design and prototyping for two years – and it’s been time well spent. The body is made of lightweight aluminum for low-cost shipping, but has a laser-cut steel base for extra stability.

The kiosk’s front panel is laminated with a full-color, custom graphic showing your branding, call-to-action and/or instructions. The printed area is 16” by 43”.  There are two locked access panels. The front panel gives you access to the tablet or touch screen, plus any devices that are installed on the front surface. The rear access panel is located at the bottom of the kiosk and allows access to the PC or Mac (if used), battery back-up, thermal paper rolls, etc., depending on your requirements.

In addition, the Rev 16 enclosure system includes a surge protector, full hardware integration and all packaging. The enclosure is absolutely ADA compliant.

Mike James continues: “Our goal is to ship a fully customized Rev 16 kiosk to our customer within 48 hours of receiving the order and artwork. This will definitely be a revolution in the way custom kiosks are delivered.”

Would You Love To See The Plan?

Check out the Rev 16 kiosk at For a limited time, Kiosk Group is offering the enclosure for just $999, which includes free custom branding. For more information, please contact Gail Eddy at 301-859-4150 or

Don’t you know it’s going to be alright?

Photo Tour – Sears 2015 Interactive In-Store Displays

Sears 2015 Interactive In-Store Displays

Last week I took a walking tour of the local Sears.  My tour was thru appliances and the main crux was to look at all the tablet information stations mounted on the appliances. The tablets are 7 inch Android designed and manufactured by CTS (Connected Technology Solutions).  Sears has installed around 10,000 of these units. This weekend I’ll stop by the merchandise pickup.

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TGI Fridays test new tablet and kiosk technologies

Casual-dining chain’s tests tablets; burger brand tests kiosks, supplier Microsoft says


Fridays’ tablet test uses new “Fridays Service Style” technology based on Windows 8.1 with Oracle’s MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES) 5.4 on the Dell Venue mTablet E-Series mobile point-of-sale devices, the Redmond, Wash.-based software company said.

Xpedient Partners to Provide Self-Serve Kiosk Solutions to QuickChek C-Store Foodservice Operation

LOUISVILLE, KY–(Marketwired – January 08, 2015) – Xpedient, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Solutions, Inc., has partnered with QuickChek to provide self-serve kiosk software to their entire convenience store foodservice operation.A market leader in food services, QuickChek is a New Jersey-based convenience store chain, operating 137 retail locations throughout…


SITA CrewTablet – Dedicated tablet application

CrewTablet is a tablet-based solution that aims to remove the need for paper for in-flight staff. CrewTablet aims to deliver a simple user interface, that is deeply integrated with passenger name lists, passenger luggage systems, connecting flight information and airline’s back office systems.

Aeroflot recently announced that it will be deploying CrewTablet later this year. The airline will deploy 500 iPad minis, ramping up over time to 1,200 devices.

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