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Kiosk Group New VP – Adds Industry Veteran Guarino


Kiosk Group Taps 25-Year Industry Veteran Karla Guarino to Lead Sales & Marketing Team

Responding to strong, accelerating market growth with fresh leadership, new products and long-range marketing and manufacturing strategies

FREDERICK, Md., June 4, 2019 – Kiosk Group Inc. (KGI) has announced the appointment of Karla Guarino as Director, Sales & Marketing. Ms. Guarino’s assignment is the latest of several strategic steps designed to grow the company to better serve the rapidly-expanding global market for interactive kiosks and related software.

Ms. Guarino will be responsible for top-line growth, expanding into new markets with interactive touchscreens, software and remote kiosk management. “Karla’s stellar reputation across the industry is strategically wide and tactically deep,” said Mike James, KGI’s founder and chief engineer.

Privately-held KGI develops and markets a wide range of solutions for hundreds of customers. Kiosk Marketplace Census Report values the global market at $9.22 billion (2018) with a compound average growth rate approaching 18%.

In response, KGI President Alan Mischler said “We are executing an aggressive effort to launch new kiosk enclosure designs, increase manufacturing, boost customer responsiveness and re-invent marketing. Karla Guarino is being armed with the best solutions our industry has to offer. She brings a blue-ribbon resume. We are indeed fortunate to have her guiding the marketing and sales challenge.”

Ms. Guarino said “Mike James is a creative visionary for iPad and Android tablet enclosure technology. These products have set engineering and design standards. Coupled with Alan Mischler’s manufacturing and management leadership, I plan to quickly build market share and open new markets for interactive touchscreens in static and mobile applications.”

An early priority is improved market recognition for KGI’s extensive catalog. “I’m turning our website into an interactive marketing, sales and customer education center and plan to develop dynamic outreach to customers and the media,” Guarino said. “And I’m encouraging new product development for smaller tablet-based terminals as well as mobile software to enable our customers to put interactive kiosk technology at the fingertips and in the palms of the world’s rapidly-growing base of digital consumers.”

 Guarino’s 25-year Kiosk Industry Background

Kiosk Group New VP
Karla Guarino Kiosk Group New VP

For nearly 15 years at Kiosk Information Systems, Karla mastered virtually every marketing and sales challenge, adding product development and strategic partnerships to an impressive sales record ($37M in 2007). Gaining broad industry experience through executive assignments with Zivelo, 8Speed8, Jane and Meridian Kiosks, Karla became a senior industry consultant last year as founder and CEO of Kiosk Mentor LLC. Recently, Kiosk Group’s Mike James and Alan Mischler convinced Karla to apply her knowledge and leadership to the well-financed challenge of propelling Kiosk Group to pinnacle status.

About Kiosk Group

One of the first companies to pioneer the tablet kiosk marketplace, Kiosk Group has compiled 30 years of design/manufacturing innovation serving hundreds of industry and government customers. Founder Mike James was first to develop iPad technology for kiosk service. KGI’s exceptionally popular software development browser package (Kiosk PRO) is available via the iTunes store. Today, KGI is an innovation leader for Android, iPad and Windows kiosk enclosure solutions. Privately held, KGI is headquartered in Frederick, MD. For more information, visit


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iPad Kiosk Ergonomics

iPad Kiosk Ergonomics and what is a tall user versus a short user is addressed in reprinted blog entry from Lilitab

iPad Kiosk Ergonomics Explained

Panera kiosk – More Kiosks, Fewer Cashiers Coming Soon to Panera

panera kiosk tablet

In the new system, customers order and sit, and Panera’s servers bring their orders to them


Craig Keefner‘s insight:

Nice graphic of new store layout and flow for traffic.

See on

iPad, Software & Hardware – Why You Need All Three

We’re living in a connected society. From point of sale machines to personal computers and mobile devices, tech is everywhere. One benefit of this ever-growing technological world has been the widespread adoption of tablets & the iPad Kiosk. They exist to inform, to sell, to reduce overhead costs and to allow customers more control and empowerment.

The standard in the kiosk world is becoming a product that not only integrates tablets into a secure enclosure, but it’s also about having proper software installed and the correct mounting system as soon as you install a kiosk into your business. Incorporating all these items can’t be an afterthought anymore. Here are a few good examples of why.

Scenario Number One – Sluggish Software
You are the owner of a small chain of grocery stores. For quite some time, you have had the idea to install a tablet kiosk checkout solution. You place an order for new tablets, source enclosures for each one and add counter mounts to your checkout area. After hiring a local developer to write your software you begin to test your tablet kiosk solution. Throughout the testing phase everything is performing well, items are scanning correctly and the payment system seems to be working just fine. On launch day your kiosks are set up and ready to go and your customers are loving the new self-service checkout system! More people are using the system than anticipated and because of this, the system is overloaded and crashes. This leaves your customers with a negative in-store experience. Getting software that will stand the high usage demand is crucial!

Scenario Number Two – Unsecure Tablet Enclosures
You operate a coffee shop and are trying to install a tablet kiosk payment system. You buy a couple iPad tablets because of their reputation and excellent software. Launch day rolls around and you couldn’t be more pleased with your mount set up and the functionality your tablets are providing. But at the end of the day, your tablets are missing! Upon reviewing the security tapes, it seems that your tablet enclosures are to blame. The locks didn’t quite do their job. If only you had known about this issue before going live you could have saved your business thousands of dollars.

Scenario Number Three – Out of Date Hardware
You manage a museum with many complicated exhibits. One day you place an order for several tablets to enhance each experience in your museum. You hire a developer to code software and on the test setup it runs great. Problems arise when you notice that the tablets aren’t able to keep up with your new implementation. They are sluggish and unresponsive to most commands. You have the right software,perfect enclosures and you’ve invested in floor mounts to sit at your key exhibits. The dated tablet hardware has unfortunately made the final product useless.

These three examples show us that the most important factor in adding a successful tablet kiosk solution to any business, isn’t about having just the hardware. It’s not even about having the most user-friendly software. The key to success in this industry is having the whole package. Combine a well-built enclosure and mount, with a modern tablet and reliable software and you hold the key to the best interactive experience for you and your customer.

Does your business have a tablet kiosk? Haven’t installed one yet but thinking about it? Contact us today for more info.

iPad Mini Kiosk System

Lilitab iPad Mini Kiosk Newsletter

iPad Mini Kiosk


Newsletter from Lilitab on iPad Mini Tablet Kiosk System. You can contact Michael McCloud at Lilitab via email at

About Lilitab

As the only tablet kiosk company that is an Apple “Made for iOS” manufacturer, we are uniquely qualified to build custom kiosk Lilitab iPad Magdock solutions. Our in-house engineering team has designed tightly integrated credit card ready, custom MFI lightning cables and our patent pending Magdock interface. Additionally, our tablet and iPad enclosures can be merchandised or customized with an assortment of wood grain patterns, colors or finishes to suit your needs.

Panera cashier kiosks dystopian?

Look from inside of Paneras. The tablet units look to be from Lillitab.

Panera plans to bring Panera 2.0 to all its locations nationwide — 400 locations, or roughly 50% of the chain, will be updated by the end of 2015. The rest will be rolled out in 2016. This Panera at 23rd and Park Avenue has already been brought up to speed.

CEO Corner – Mike James with Kiosk Group

CEO Corner ceo-corner

Where we talk to “Big Cheese” and find out a little bit about who they are and what company they are with.

The choice of who you do business may come down to the look in the eye and a simple handshake.


Ten Questions for Mike James with Kiosk Group: mike-james

1.  Kiosk Industry Group:  What is your company name, location and your position?

MJ:  To many we are known as the iPad Kiosk company ( or the Kiosk Pro company, but we are officially Kiosk Group, Inc.

We are located in beautiful, historic Frederick, Maryland, an hour outside of Washington and Baltimore, home of Francis Scott Key, and just miles from Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, and Antietam.

I am the founder and president of Kiosk Group, Inc.

2.   Kiosk Industry Group:  How is business these days?

MJ:  Business is great and growing steadily.

In July of 2010, we came out with the first commercial iPad kiosks and decided to invest heavily in this narrow segment of the kiosk industry.

We have developed a modular system of iPad and tablet kiosks that are the true heavyweights in this niche. While there are many manufacturers in this field that go the cheap route, producing low-quality kiosks that are ultimately not durable or secure, we’ve taken a different approach. Our kiosks are “real kiosks” (to take the words of just one of our satisfied customers), made from milled industrial-grade thermoplastics and heavy-duty, welded rolled steel, and made the way kiosks are supposed to be made.

We created the Kiosk Pro line of iPad kiosk software to make sure our customers had something to run on our kiosks. Kiosk Pro is now widely recognized as the best software for this type of application and tops the charts for the term ‘kiosk’ in the iTunes App Store with over 75,000 downloads.

Today we are very busy with both off-the-shelf and custom order kiosks, and our biggest worry is keeping enough product in stock.

3.    Kiosk Industry Group:  What is your most popular product?

MJ:   Our iPad Standalone kiosk is by far our most popular single product.

We’ve been able to create quite a number of accessories for this model, including branding options, credit card readers and even motion-controlled illumination systems for rear camera photos and barcode scanning.

4.  Kiosk Industry Group:  How large a company are you?

MJ:  Believe it or not, we are just 10 people today. We outsource metal bending, painting and plastic work to four nearby fabrication facilities, so we keep our overhead very low and can offer great prices on our products. Our in-house staff is responsible for software development and support, product design and prototyping, branding, minor CNC machining, quality control and order fulfillment.

5.    Kiosk Industry Group:  How many years have you been in business?

MJ:  I started my business with an Apple II, purchased in 1977 (which I still have). I have a background in developing industrial films and programming multi-projector slideshows and saw computers as a better way to deliver media content. I was able to code control of a 12” laserdisc player with the Apple II via RS-232 and, in 1981, hung out my shingle developing interactive content for sales and training.

This small start expanded into a company with 35 software developers — Multimedia Software, Inc. We developed many hundreds of interactive programs, including World’s Fair exhibits, Amtrak’s ticketing kiosks and training programs for Chrysler, IBM and many others.

After selling MSI in 2001, I studied the market, determined that the kiosk industry was where everything was heading and launched Kiosk Group, Inc. We’ve been designing and selling kiosk hardware and software ever since.

6.  Kiosk Industry Group:   What is your biggest market(s) or skills focus, or do you have multiple?

MJ:  In terms of markets, our kiosks are used in every discipline. It should be easier to name the markets we are not in, but I can’t think of any. Seriously.

We focus on creating the best interactive touch-screen kiosks available. Whether that means taking on a new software feature request or building out a custom hardware configuration, we do what it takes to make each project a success.

7.    Kiosk Industry Group:  What are the strengths of your company?

MJ:  Innovation. Innovation. Innovation. We focus on coming up with the right products, and having the right solution already designed when a new customer calls us with a tough requirement. No other iPad/tablet kiosk seller does this.

I’ve also got a great team of people working with me. Each and every person has multi-disciplinary talents and is driven to grow and succeed.

Having metal-bending and other fabrication out of house has been a terrific asset. Most traditional kiosk companies mark up their cost of touchscreens, computers and peripherals at 100% to cover the cost of a large crew. With our low overhead, our average markup from wholesale is just 28%.

8.    Kiosk Industry Group:  What market trends can you share with us?

MJ:  The next step in the small form-factor kiosk world is the addition of peripherals beyond basic card readers and keyboard trays. Look for the integration of thermal receipt printers, card-stock ticket printers, barcode scanners, RFID readers, ApplePay, EMV SmartCard readers, PIN pads – the list goes on and on.

This is where you’ll see a separation of the serious kiosk manufacturers from the quick-buck, plastic-injection-molded iPad kiosk sellers.

We’re also going to see an end to the made-in-China housings offered by many iPad kiosk sellers. The tablet market is changing so fast, you need a system for managing hardware change. With the introduction of the smaller-sized Apple Air tablets, we’re already seeing a large number of sellers dropping out of the business, and leaving their customers without support.

9.  Kiosk Industry Group:  What new products might we see in the next year or two from your company?

MJ:  In the short-term, look for Bluetooth printer integration for all of Custom America’s thermal kiosk printers ( into our Kiosk Pro Enterprise iOS app.

We have been hard at work on a new system for kiosk customization and delivery for the past two years.

Imagine placing an order for custom kiosks with your own branding and a wide choice of screen sizes and peripherals – previously this meant weeks or months of lead time and a price tag to match. With our new system, you can have this type of custom kiosk at low cost and delivered within a week!

We’re going to deliver this new development in early 2015. Prepare yourself for the next industry revolution!

10.  Kiosk Industry Group:   For more information who should people contact?

MJ:  I’m always available at or you can call me at 888-569-5467 x101.

Thanks Mike!

Press Release – Kiosk Group Revolution iPad Tablet Enclosure

You Said You Want a Revolution

Once again, Kiosk Group, Inc. shakes up the kiosk industry with the introduction of their new Revolution 16, a kiosk enclosure specially iPad Tablet kiosk enclosure designed for iPads and tablets, and ready to integrate a full line of peripheral devices.

5 February 2015 / Frederick, MD

Today, Kiosk Group, Inc. is debuting the next phase of self-service kiosks with its Revolution 16 enclosure. The “Rev 16” has been designed to offer short lead times, low-cost implementation and a large area for branding.

The Rev 16 will hold any 10” or 12”-class tablet as well as standard touchscreens up to 17”. It will also accept most kiosk accessories, including thermal printers, card readers and barcode scanners.

We Tell You That It’s Evolution

Kiosk Group started the iPad kiosk industry in 2010 with its Victory line of free-standing, countertop and wall iPad kiosks, and is now known for its talents in incorporating standard kiosk components into specialized enclosures for iPads, Android and Windows tablets.

“We’ve seen so much demand from customers needing to integrate multiple peripherals into a tablet kiosk that it became clear we needed to evolve our product lineup. We needed a super-flexible enclosure. The Rev 16 is the first product in our Revolution line to be announced,” said Kiosk Group’s president, Mike James.

We Say We’ve Got A Real Solution

The Revolution enclosure has been in design and prototyping for two years – and it’s been time well spent. The body is made of lightweight aluminum for low-cost shipping, but has a laser-cut steel base for extra stability.

The kiosk’s front panel is laminated with a full-color, custom graphic showing your branding, call-to-action and/or instructions. The printed area is 16” by 43”.  There are two locked access panels. The front panel gives you access to the tablet or touch screen, plus any devices that are installed on the front surface. The rear access panel is located at the bottom of the kiosk and allows access to the PC or Mac (if used), battery back-up, thermal paper rolls, etc., depending on your requirements.

In addition, the Rev 16 enclosure system includes a surge protector, full hardware integration and all packaging. The enclosure is absolutely ADA compliant.

Mike James continues: “Our goal is to ship a fully customized Rev 16 kiosk to our customer within 48 hours of receiving the order and artwork. This will definitely be a revolution in the way custom kiosks are delivered.”

Would You Love To See The Plan?

Check out the Rev 16 kiosk at For a limited time, Kiosk Group is offering the enclosure for just $999, which includes free custom branding. For more information, please contact Gail Eddy at 301-859-4150 or

Don’t you know it’s going to be alright?