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By | March 18, 2016
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Digital Signage Expo (DSE) iheld at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas says it is the world’s largest and longest running conference and trade show exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications for customer- and employee-facing organizations.

From all the reports (listed below in pictures and comments) the show beat expectations.  The show may have been a hair smaller than last year (we are still getting numbers) but the impressions of the leads (who cares about anything else.. 🙂 is that it was very worthwhile.  The Self-Service Pavilion did not sell out and towards the side and somewhat disappointing but changes for next year include tripling the size of it and placing it in center of floor.  Several prominent companies have already signed up the best booths there for 2017 (22Miles & Premio example given).

This inaugural year for us to support DSE there were several members at the show including Olea, OptConnectURway, Parabit, DynaTouch, KioWare and Unattended Card Payments. And DSE this year launched the Self-Service pavilion which were 12 modular booths 5×7 and completely turnkey. URway and UCP participated in those booths.  215 exhibitors total for the show in 2016.

For 2017 they’ve moved the SSP in the center of show and have expanded it to 24 of the turnkeys + a couple of large booths. Coming into the show you still run the “gauntlet” of LG, Samsung and NEC.  Four Winds has moved up and also LG-MRI.  The entire show is larger in 2017 though I see 98 exhibitors signed up (which is good).

Below in images, videos, links and text are points of interest as they say for the show that we saw.


Olea Kiosks Digital Signage

Olea Kiosks booth at DSE. Some nice units. Click to expand.

Click to expand image

URway Holdings at DSE – Click to expand image

URway (and KioWare) at DSE. Click to expand image.

URway (and KioWare) at DSE. Click to expand image.

Optconnect digital signage

DSE and OptConnect – click to expand image

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Parabit — Click to expand


DSE KioWare, Vidyo and Olea - click to expand image

DSE KioWare, Vidyo and Olea – click to expand image



Parabit DSE - click to expand image

Parabit DSE – click to expand image


Excerpt from Daily Dooh

Walking the floor on the first day of #dse2016, one of the first things we’ve noticed is the total absence of Christie, which most years stands out with a major booth and often has its products and partners front and centre.

Combined with the fact that Scala doesn’t have its own booth – although is visible with various partners and CEO Tom Nix is very much present, and NanoLumens has only a meeting room (although more on that later), the show seems somewhat smaller this year.

Perhaps quieter, too, although that may be because, even though there are some very nice individual products, everybody is offering 4K so nothing has yet – I stress yet – struck me as the ‘next big thing’.

We’ve heard people say that the show seemed quieter this year, heard others say that they hadn’t yet found what they’ve been looking for, while we’ve heard more wax enthusiastically about the show being really great and that they’re doing lots of business. Guess it just depends what you are looking for!

So let’s go see what day two brings!

Four Winds Interact

From Leah Saugen with FWi – We had a fantastic show and the traffic was non-stop! We debuted FWI’s Mobile Workforce and had the opportunity to share this with a large number of attendees. We also showcased all of our latest and greatest applications and hosted several demo’s at our new demo bar. We captured literally hundreds of new leads (people we hadn’t previously had contact with) and met with several of our current customers and contacts.


Here is another one that shows units that friend of mine did for 22Mile



Comments on the Show from DynaTouch

Hey Craig,

Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up at DSE – you probably mentioned that you had decided to opt out, and it was me that forgot!

Thanks for the suggestions.  We had a good visit with Louise Janeway, Rob Chilcoat’s UK colleague, and I’m following up with Rob post show.   And a great visit with Ed Crowley, too – he still has a lot going with URway, EuroTouch and OneSource Interactive.  Definitely a good time talking about the good old days and acquaintances.

Saw some interesting stuff from Actineon, Shuttle and Advantech.  And Elo with their new EloView software.

We were demo’ing our stuff in Olea’s booth, next to KioWare.  Very interesting show, and VERY well attended.  Overall a good experience.  Glad we went.

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