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Build Your Own LLM

Building Your Own LLM for AI Building your own LLM is going to occur to you. If only to assist human assistants. A fashion designer can allow customers with a series of voice questions to locate a particular style of dress.  Taking it further, they could optionally “design” the dress they want and AI could output mechanical and… Read More »

AI Assist – Consumer Facing AI

Verneek Retail AI Assist Welcome to Verneek our latest Advisory Board member. Verneek’s  One Quin provides enterprises with one holistic consumer-facing AI solution to accurately answer personalized questions through voice activation or text anywhere. The  Verneek platform is unique in answering specific questions reliably based on dynamic enterprise data that gets automatically augmented with relevant public information. The platform’s… Read More »

AI & Restaurant Avatar Update

AI & Restaurant Update Original post on AVIXA by KMA This is our August update for AI and Restaurants. News, rumors, regulatory updates and resource links (vetted). One of the drawbacks to avatars in the past has been the sometimes crude representations of real people, to the point of, at times, introducing the “creepy” element. That seemed to… Read More »