The Truth About Self-Service Fast Food Kiosks At Restaurants

By | May 28, 2021

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Self-Service Fast Food Order Kiosks Transforming Customer Experience

McDonalds Kiosk

Self-Service Fast Food Kiosks — Congrats McDonalds: Today Grand Opening NYC Times Square wonderful McDonalds restaurant and 18 polytouch 32“ kiosks are ready to take orders. In close neighborhood, at AMC Theatre Times Square there are 16 polytouch 24“ units, selling cinema tickets since 2 years. Design, performance and reliability makes the difference.

The same principles for self-order kiosks and increasing sales in fast-food restaurants work across market verticals. At an airline kiosk, a simple upsell to get better seating usually works for example. In hospitality its much easier to click off on extra services at check-in.

This is a nice article writeup by the Mashed writer.


  • Self-Service Kiosks encourage people to spend more
  • 20% on average
  • Larger sales than in-person
  • McDonalds saw 30% increase
  • Machines automatically upsell — counter people do not
  • Kiosks positively impact customer mood
  • Touch screens create “experiential and effective feelings” in customers


As they become more efficient and user-friendly, self-serve kiosks are transforming the fast-food customer experience. Many of us have seen this firsthand. After all, who hasn’t taken some secret pleasure in flicking through a digital menu? However, as FoodTec discussed in a 2018 article, self-serve technology is not only making fast food service more efficient, but also subtly changing customer behavior. Namely, it is encouraging people to spend more.

The numbers speak for themselves. FoodTec has suggested that self-serve kiosks increase customer spending, on average, by 20%, and this figure is borne out by data presented in a 2015 Harvard Business Review article. According to the review, major chains, including Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Chilis have all reported self-serve kiosks generating larger sales than in-person ordering, usually by a margin of 20%. In one instance, McDonald’s even saw sales increase by as much as 30%. Self-serve kiosks aren’t just good for business — they’re great for business.

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