ADA Retail Restaurants Regulations – 2023

By | February 3, 2023
ADA Retail Restaurants

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The U.S. Access Board conducted a very in-depth review of accessibility design for retail and restaurants in February 2023.

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There were several areas of interest we found in the 2-hour webinar, including:

  • Queues and Waiting Lines
  • Self service shelves (pickup at Panera?)
  • Dispensing devices – the usual Coca-Cola and Pepsi machines
  • Checkout aisles at supermarkets
  • And of course transaction devices such as POS card readers and kiosks themselves
  • Great reference is animations on U.S. Access board — here is Operable Parts (which is near and dear to us)


The most interesting comment we found was the direct commentary on food trucks and how no-one has ever seen one that is compliant with ADA. Having eaten at a few in the Javits Center parking lot while attending NRF recently, we can attest to that.  You have to wonder if those vehicles are checked for emissions for that matter.

On transactional kiosks, the moderator mostly alluded to the new kiosk specific regulations that are expected from the U.S. Access Board.  They will extract the relevant sections from the existing referenced guides + add in new ones.

Selected Interest Areas




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