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Lockdown Browser Kiosk Remote Management Update 2023 – KioWare

Lockdown Browser Update – KioWare 8.34 Keeping track of the new updates to kiosk software for lockdown browser and remote monitoring is challenging to say the least. It’s still fairly easy to break into many kiosks. Test yours by just unplugging it for example and watch it boot up. That is your initial window of vulnerability. For this… Read More »

Kiosk Mode Lockdown Browser – – Android Kiosk Software Released

Lockdown Browser Software for Android Full article on – with thousands of licenses deployed KioWare is one of the top two browser lockdown aka Kiosk Mode kiosk software packages. For more information email [email protected] In Brief Android 11 Now Supported Remote Monitoring Communication enhancements Migration from older versions enhanced support The usual requisite clean up this and… Read More »