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By | January 25, 2024
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Rapid Prototyping Becoming the Norm for Kiosk Design

From Olea Kiosks — Today, businesses are always looking for ways to stay ahead, particularly as it relates to technology adaptation or the next evolution in their digital transformation. Rapid prototyping has emerged as a key strategy, allowing companies to quickly turn ideas into tangible models for testing. This approach is essential for fostering innovation and efficiency in product development.

It’s also essential for growth, exploring new markets, and staying ahead of competitors. Rapid prototyping offers businesses the speed and adaptability they need.

  • Rapid Prototyping: A process of quickly creating and testing physical models of a product using computer-aided design (CAD) data1. It helps speed up product development, reduce costs, enhance creativity, improve collaboration, and manage risks.
  • HYPERMODULAR™ Kiosk: Olea’s solution for rapid prototyping2. A flexible and customizable kiosk that can deliver various configurations and peripherals for different use cases and markets. It streamlines product development and encourages innovation3.
  • Olea Kiosks: A leading provider of self-service kiosks for various industries, such as casinos, healthcare, theme parks, retail, and more. Olea offers custom kiosk design, OEM manufacturing, service and support, financing, and more.

About HYPERMODULAR™ Kiosk by Olea Kiosks

The HYPERMODULAR™ Kiosk is a flexible and customizable kiosk that can deliver various configurations and peripherals for different use cases and markets. It streamlines product development and encourages innovation. Here is how it works:

  • The kiosk can be configured as a desktop kiosk or a free-standing kiosk with even more room for peripherals1.
  • The kiosk has interchangeable face panels and side cars that can accommodate different peripherals such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, payment devices and more1.
  • The kiosk can also integrate HID’s facial recognition camera for secure and convenient self-service access and authentication2.
  • The kiosk is designed with access control in mind, and can be used for various applications such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, banking, government, transportation and more


  • A website that covers news, trends, best practices, and insights about the kiosk industry. It features articles, white papers, events, and resources for kiosk manufacturers, suppliers, and users.

Kiosk Market Statistics and Reports

  • From R&M (which is always high). The global self-service kiosk market is expected to reach $43.65 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of over 8.7%. The self-service kiosk market in North America is expected to experience significant growth and adoption across various industries. Businesses have adopted self-service kiosks to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and reduce operational costs. With this, self-service kiosk has gained widespread adoption in the retail sector. Thus, the high adoption of kiosks in retail and customized consumer preferences are some of the major trends that will gain higher popularity in the market.
  • According to the 2020 Kiosk Market Census Report1, the sales of interactive kiosks (not counting ATMs and refreshment and amusement vending machines) totaled an estimated $11.9 billion in 2019, and are projected to reach $21.42 billion by 20272. The report also states that modular kiosk design is one of the key trends in the kiosk industry, as it allows for more flexibility, customization, and innovation1. Modular kiosks can also reduce costs, improve collaboration, and manage risks345.

About Olea Kiosks

  • The company is focused on adaptation of innovation and technology among their products in the market. In July 2023, the company announced a HYPERMODULAR kiosk technology to address the rising challenge of configuration of kiosks with complex access controls.
  • Investment activity focused on the future-oriented expansion of production capacities and the extension of the sales  infrastructure.
  • The company is expected to increase its acquisition of companies in various countries and increase the implementation of digital transformation in different industries.
  • Key Strengths
  • Olea Kiosks has a strong commitment to its quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.
  • The company mainly offers a range of customization options, including branding, color schemes, enclosure materials, and software integration. This allows businesses to create self-service kiosks that align with their brand identity and seamlessly integrate into their existing environments.
  • The firm holds a strong brand name in its comprehensive services throughout the kiosk lifecycle, including consulting, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and support.

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