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By | September 30, 2021
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Touchless Kiosk News – Contactless Card Reader

From Impulsify September 2021

In Brief

Touchless kiosk transaction

Touchless kiosk transaction

New hospitality kiosk, contactless, which is designed for hotel food pantries and gift shops.  Scan below and Pay and Go is the mantra and it makes a lot of sense. Having to wait in line for a bottle of water at the hotel can be a pain and there really is no reason for it.  This solution is a cloud-based retail management system that allows associates to scan retail items, apply discounts, and charge to rooms on existing front desk terminals while managers track inventory and report on retail performance from any device.

Automated Retail Management and “Wait To Pay” converted to “Grab and Go”. ShopPoP is an in-store, guest-facing kiosk. It allows guests to truly grab-and-go without assistance reducing typical front desk burdens associated with offering a lobby retail store.

On the technology front these units are utilizing software from KioWare.  Saves the solution provider time building their app (and focusing on their app) when a framework like KioWare automatically provides easy development options and built in compliance. QR code used is CR1100.

These people have a wide set of PMS integrations for companies such as Opera, Galaxy and PMI. Processor support comes with CreditCall, Shift4, Datacap Systems, Elavon, Bank of America and Chase Paymentech.

The “computer” is Windows-based and we are getting more details on that as well as enclosure manufacturer.

From News Release on PRNewswire

ShopPoP offered immediate relief, but cross-contamination concerns of touching a screen used by others in a public space grew as Covid cases grew. Impulsify’s development team, in partnership with Kioware (, added a scannable QR code to the touchscreen kiosk that converts the guest’s phone screen into a trackpad eliminating the need to physically touch the kiosk to scroll and tap. There is no app download necessary, so the solution is immediately available to those who prefer it.

Contactless Card Reader Background

Ingenico’s PCI-certified unattended credit card terminal ShopPoP relies on for credit card payments already allowed for a contactless experience in the credit card portion of the transaction when NFC (tap) payment options are enabled.  For more information here we recommend contacting UCP Unattended Payments.  The actual card reader is the iUC285 from Ingenico. Worth noting too that Datacap Systems is one of the supported processors. More specifically Datacap Systems NETePay, though other they could easily also support Shift4, NMI/CreditCall, etc; ie; the list of processors already built into KioWare.


  • Sleek design in a variety of sizes to accommodate space limitations
  • PCI Compliant for Unattended Retail
  • Multiple Credit Card Processor Partners
  • EMV Chip Reader
  • Standard Credit Card Swipe
  • Touchless Pay including Apple Pay / Android Pay
  • Room Charge Capability Available
  • 2-D Barcode Scanner

Custom Options

  • Receipt Printer
  • Room Key Swipe
  • Custom, Branded User Interface
  • Millwork Integrated Designs Available



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