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Hospitality Kiosks – Digital signage & Wayfinding

Article on Hospitality Technology Embracing the Travel Boom with Confidence: Signage and CMS for Peace of Mind Digital signage and interactive wayfinding are fast-growing communication channels for the hospitality sector because they can help guests embrace travel opportunities with confidence, pointing to all the amenities and services the hotel has to offer while being mindful of health requirements.… Read More »

Podcast – Trends in Retail, Banking, & Hospitality

Self-Service Tech Trends in Retail, Banking, and Hospitality Kiosks Self-service kiosks are changing the way consumers interact with retailers, banks, and the hospitality industry. Consumers no longer have to wait in line to get a rich, engaging, and personalized experience. With new technological innovations, businesses now also have an opportunity to learn more about what their consumers want… Read More »