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Senior Living Technology – Assisted Living Technology for facilities

Visit Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. for full senior living technology solutions Kiosks Benefit Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes In a recent survey of senior housing professionals, 80% of the respondents indicated their facilities increased their tech budget to help address issues caused by the pandemic.  This number is expected to increase in 2021.  Investing in telehealth kiosks, check-in… Read More »

McDrive McDonald’s Drive Thru Germany

Original article (in German) Mar2021 McDrive – McDonald’s Germany Using LG High Brightness The almost 1,000 McDonalds restaurants with McDrive in Germany will be equipped with LG High Brightness Displays by the end of the year. Almost all drive-thru locations receive the new wind- and weatherproof, sunlight-compatible digital signage displays. March 17, 2021 by Florian Rotberg In total, more than 4,000… Read More »

Kiosk Market Research Report – Kiosk Association

Kiosk Market Report December Update: 66% of consumers prefer self-service over interacting with an employee because it is faster and less stressful. [Palmer Retail] Payment Options: 29% of consumers prefer contactless payments such as mobile wallets, contactless payment kiosks, and QR code payments. Market Reports (Pick your poison) The global interactive kiosk market size was valued at $14.76… Read More »

ADA Kiosk Checklist – 20 Questions To Ask Yourself – Kiosk ADA Example

ADA Kiosk Checklist per KMA Code of Practice Update April 10 — Noted at recent U.S. Access Board ADA call — clarification and addition of standards in regards to EV charging stations is anticipated in the next rulemaking session about to commence. April 2022 original publish. Dec28, 2021 updated — Current updated page located at the Kiosk Association… Read More »

Large Format Interactive Display Screens as Bundles by LG Business Solutions

Direct View LED display bundles announced by LG Business Solutions – March 2021 At LG we know that selecting the right Direct View LED display can sometimes be difficult, so we created the DVLED Ultimate Business Display to make it easier. LG has created one display solution pre-configured with all the components needed for full operation* that includes… Read More »

McDonalds Kiosks – Wall Mount and Drive Thru UK

McDonald’s Kiosks Listening Post and Drive-Thru Update New pictures of unit in the UK (made by Evoke Creative). Evoke has installed around 3000 devices over the past 12 months, providing the listening post system and the order confirmation screens at the drive-thru window. Here are pics of new Costa Coffee   Evoke Profile Here is a look at… Read More »

Credit Card Reader Kiosk – The Wallet Ecosystem & Payment Processors

We thought this was a nice graphic showing the various financial institutions. One question might be regarding this is where does Stripe fit in? US Financial Network   From BusinessInsider The payment industry’s biggest trends in 2021—and the pandemic’s impact on digitization in the payments landscape The coronavirus pandemic accelerated payments industry digitization by two to three years.… Read More »