McDonalds Kiosks – Wall Mount and Drive Thru UK

By | March 10, 2021
McDonalds Kiosks - Wall Mount and Drive Thru

McDonald’s Kiosks Listening Post and Drive-Thru Update

New pictures of unit in the UK (made by Evoke Creative). Evoke has installed around 3000 devices over the past 12 months, providing the listening post system and the order confirmation screens at the drive-thru window.

Here are pics of new Costa Coffee


Evoke Profile

Here is a look at Evoke Creative Hospitality

what we deliver

an immersive customer experience

The instant impact of our digital signage, both in store and out, combined with the interactivity of self-service kiosks creates a completely immersive space where your customers will want to spend more of their time.

an increase in CUSTOMER spend

Dynamically marketing your products and services using digital signage and interactive kiosks allows you to create a unique opportunity to upsell purchases, leading to an increase in average sale value.

Self-service kiosks are the perfect way to promote product upgrades during the discovery and checkout process, with personal suggestions made based on product selection, demographic or even past buying behaviour.

Special events

Instantly promote upcoming special events, VIP guest visits and seasonal campaigns across all your devices, creating awareness or temporarily changing the whole look and feel of individual sites.


View, set up and control every device in every store directly from our web-based evokeCloud interface, which can be accessed anywhere and any time, giving you complete control over your investment.

Reduced queuing times

Introducing self-service kiosks that allow your customers to serve themselves results in much shorter wait times, a speedier shopping experience and is proven to encourage repeat business.

Better use your in-store space

Replacing large service desks with free-standing kiosks completely opens up the space, creating a more welcoming environment and giving you more opportunity to use the space efficently to engage with your customers.


Offer your partner brands the opportunity to use your space as an expansive digital canvas to directly promote their products or identity, with increased visibility across digital signage and kiosks.


Sync multiple displays to create expansive digital canvases which can wrap around floors, ceilings and walls, creating a large scale, fully immersive environment that has the ability to transform large spaces.

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