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Transit Station Digital Signage Case Study

From Transit Station Digital Signage Solution – Spokane Transit Case Study January 25, 2022 –Fifteen new 55-inch real-time display monitors were recently installed at the STA Plaza. The monitors are designed for long-term commercial use and offer bright and vibrant imagery with enhanced visibility. Spokane Transit partnered with Spokane-based Zipline Interactive to custom build displays that show departure… Read More »

McDonalds Kiosk Accessibility – See Walkthru Video NFB

McDonalds Kiosk Accessibility Jan2022 Update McDonalds has taken the lead in testing and evaluating at large scale providing accessibility features for the blind. One of the improvements is by adding in a screen reader (JAWS Kiosk by Vispero) and coupling that with Storm Interface AudioNav assistive technology. Providing accessibility to every user group has taken on an even… Read More »

Amazon Redefining Apparel Bricks-&-Mortar Touch Friendly Amazon Style

Posted on Amazon Style Touchscreens for Apparel Stores Noted on 16:9 Excerpt Amazon is planning to open its first bricks and mortar store dedicated to apparel, and one of the key components of the in-store customer experience will be touchscreens. The first Amazon Style store will be in suburban LA and will open later this year – showing… Read More »

Video Wall dvLED Case Study by Peerless-AV

Peerless-AV’s First Americans Museum of Oklahoma (FAM) installation. Visitors have an immersive experience and learn about American history through the lens of 39 Tribal Nations. The museum located in Oklahoma City put together a completely unique video wall display.  From Digital-Signage.Blog Peerless-AV, alongside Ford Audio-Video Systems, LLC (Ford AV) and Waystone LLC,  designed a video wall solution that… Read More »

The Virtual Assistant Search Continues – Conversational AI in Grocery

First published on We don’t know about you but all the talk about conversational AI seems to us, to be mostly talk. There is an irony in that observation.  The Alexa and Google Mini’s, and Pixel Assistants are woefully inadequate at understanding nuance or building any simple suggestions based on repeated tasks.  They change the volume and… Read More »

Press Release – Pre NRF by Kiosk Industry

Kiosk and Digital Signage News from Industry Group and Kiosk Association (KMA) for Jan. 2022 Here is the link on PRNewswire and also the link on APNews – January News DENVER, Colo., Jan 12, 2022  — January news from the Industry Group and the Kiosk Association: NRF is coming up this weekend and we are hopeful our retail… Read More »

Kiosk Market Research 2022 – Actual Numbers & Benefits for Self-Service v7

Kiosk Market Research 2022-v6 Our Take Predicting 2022 trends begins with reviewing 2021 predictions. How many were right and how many were wrong? Forrester – How Accurate Were We in 2021 Predictions Who Got It Right by Visual Capitalist The consensus from many respected organizations comes down to one word:  contactless.  We think 2022 will be a breakout… Read More »

Self-Checkout Kiosks by FEC

We welcome our latest Gold sponsor, FEC. Four sizes & resolutions to fulfill different needs Standalone, Desktop or Wall-mount Expand your in-store aisles or your menu board to expand sales Device flexibility to expand kiosk capabilities Windows or Android Contact information ​Mark Buenaventura FEC USA 41668 Christy St. Fremont, CA 94538 Tel: 510-683-9188 About FEC FEC… Read More »

ADA Kiosk Quest Diagnostics Update + Walmart Blind Access

Thanks to William Goren and // — From updated Kiosk Accessibility: The Law is Paying Attention Quest Diagnostics Update + Walmart Blind Access In Brief Court rejected Quest request to dismiss ACB suit. It is moving ahead Quest has already conceded “effective communication” not provided Class action enabled which means corrective measures would need to be done across the… Read More »

Sustainable Self-Service – Eco-Friendly Kiosks – Zero Carbon Footprint

Editors Note – the feature image shows the founder of Olea Kiosks back in 2008. Sorghum kiosk for IBM Anyplace. Zero Carbon Footprint, Green Kiosks, Fitness and Health Kiosks We note developments in the green environmentally sensitive area.  Many companies are adopting a more eco-friendly branding stance and using social mechanisms to inform users on their initiatives towards… Read More »

Olea Kiosks Names Director of Sales

Olea Kiosks, Inc. new Director of Sales is Daniel Olea.  We are personally acquainted with Daniel and he will, undoubtedly, prove to be a strategic advantage. With the new millennials becoming a major segment of users his insight will prove invaluable. Congratulations from all of us at Industry Group! Olea Kiosks®, Inc. Announces Director of Sales – Daniel… Read More »

Gold Sponsor – American Kiosks Manufacturer

American Kiosks Kiosk Manufacturer – Gold Sponsor Welcome to our newest Gold Sponsor — American Kiosks.  And they are hiring…. American Manufacturing — Proudly designed, fabricated and assembled all in the USA. Flexible Partnering Capabilities — From ready-to-go products, to design services, we can help. 35 Years of Kiosk Expertise — Knowledgeable and capable partners to help with your… Read More »

Accessibility Trends For Internet Access – Desktops and Mobiles – 2022

What will be considered accessible in 2022? Here is avery nice wrap on accessibility trends going into 2022 answering that question. It is primarily web-oriented but those parallel UI for kisoks, From UXDesign — Sheri Byrne-Haber, CPACC — Blogger, disability advocate, nerd. Bringing the fire on ableism. A11y Architect @ VMware. Wheelchair user w/ a deaf daughter. CS,… Read More »