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By | January 20, 2022
Future of Work Employees

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  • Looking ahead to what this new year will bring, we’ve collected industry expert predictions on the future of work in 2022.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had a colossal impact on the working world. From remote working to flexible hours, could these temporary adjustments to the ways we work become permanent?
  • We’ve collected predictions from a range of industry experts, including HEWN’s Will Kinnear, Feefo’s Julia Owen and more. 

The past couple of years have had an enormous impact on the way people work, the COVID-19 pandemic forcing teams to work from home where possible for prolonged periods of time. However, while many were skeptical at first, this new normal has come with a number of different benefits and has shifted the way we work into a more flexible and diverse environment.

From a 4-day working week to using the metaverse in interviews, what could 2022 have in store for the working world?

Our Panel of Experts:

  • Molly Johnson-Jones – Co-Founder of Flexa
  • Khyati Sundaram – CEO of Applied
  • Damon Klotz – Work Culture Evangelist at Culture Amp
  • Mike Smith – Global CEO at Randstad Sourceright
  • Mark Miller – Director of Goodfoot Corporate Coaching and Development
  • Nick Adams – Vice President of Sales, EMEA, Globalization Partners
  • Kathryn Barnes – Employment Counsel EMEA at Globalization Partners
  • Ali Knapp – President at Wisetail
  • Evan Melick – Director of Product at Wisetail
  • Estee Woods – Senior Marketing Director at Wisetail
  • Jennifer Palecki – Chief People Officer at Imply
  • Will Hale – Northern European Leader at
  • Naveed Malik – Regional Director, EMEA at
  • Chris Mansfield – Co-Founder at GoodCourse
  • Will Kinnear – Founder of HEWN
  • Julia Owen – Chief Product & Technology Officer at Feefo
  • Rohan Maheswaran – Recruitment Expert at Futureheads Recruitment
  • Dave Page – CEO of Actual Experience
  • Dylan Buckley – Co-Founder of DirectlyApply
  • Emily Mei Carter – Organisational Identity and Future of Work Strategist at Ecosphere Consulting
  • Hasnain Malik – Talent Director of Brainchild Communications Pakistan (BCP)
  • Marc Vontobel – CEO and Co-Founder of Starmind
  • Morten Bruun – VP of Global Operations at Worksome
  • Janine Yancey – Founder and CEO of Emtrain
  • Craig Keefner – Manager at Executive Director Kiosk Association
  • Kustaa Kivela – CEO and Co-founder of Workfellow
  • Jeff Evernham – Vice President of Product Strategy at Sinequa
  • Stacey Taylor – Learning Design Director at DeltaNet International
  • Darren Hockley – Managing Director at DeltaNet International
  • Sue Arthur – CEO at CareerBuilder
  • Meredith Turney – Conscious Leadership Coach at Meredith Turney Coaching


Craig Keefner, Manager at Executive Director Kiosk Association




“Employees in retail and restaurants historically have been at the counter taking the orders. With the pandemic and natural automation that has already changed and is changing more. Robotic kitchens and robotic delivery, ghost kitchens and other options are redefining the employee base.”

“Contactless is here to stay and that impacts retail, banking, hospitality and transportation. Cash is declining and will continue to decline.”

“Concierge-oriented-role employee set is growing. Counter help order takers declining. Drive-thrus, curbside, delivery, lockers have all transformed retail fulfillment channels.”


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