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By | January 27, 2022
22miles wayfinding solution

3D Wayfinding Solution with Touchless Digital Signage

22miles wayfinding solution

22miles wayfinding solution

Royal Hawaiian Center is the premier shopping and entertainment destination in the Waikiki neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii. The impressive mall features more than 310,000 square feet along a three-block stretch of Waikiki’s famed Kalakaua Avenue. With more than 100 shops and restaurants serving thousands of locals and tourists daily, an innovative technology solution was required that could empower guests to easily navigate and indulge while giving administrators the power to customize and make changes quickly. With Hawaii’s unpredictable seasonal weather, the solution would also need to hold up to the elements year-round, while providing easy access to engagement statistics.

The well-known shopping center’s recent $115 million dollar renovations included new construction and a visual makeover, and also ushered in the benefits of 22Miles digital signage technology. Mobile friendly contact-less interaction, paired with the company’s internationally known 3D interactive wayfinding, has helped to transform the dynamics of this Waikiki epicenter, providing visitors and residents accessible, safe engagement within a prominent public gathering space for entertainment and culture in Hawaii.

The launch of our 13 touch screen wayfinding kiosks with 22Miles software has created an international array of information at the touch of a finger. Guests can access immediate shopping and dining, have a touchless experience, or get interactive directions via text, offering real time information to thousands on a daily basis. The convenience of that immediate interactive solution for visitor needs is a great benefit to our customers.”  – Helene “Sam” Shenkus | VP/Director of Marketing – Royal Hawaiian Center — See Video

The Technology

22Miles 3D Interactive wayfinding with integrated Secure mobile control, was implemented across 13 Waytouch Digital signage screens throughout the massive open-air shopping facility’s grounds. Positioned on multiple floors, near cornerstone retail shops and restaurants adjacent to entry points and hot spots, the digital screens feature a customized modern UI/UX design, with multi-language capability for Japanese, Korean and Mandarin.

22Miles Carry2Mobile also allows users to take the wayfinding kiosk design and wayfinding experience on the go…creating an immersive user journey that both informs and guides in whatever way the individual prefers to interact.

22Miles Wayfinding | Digital Signage Solutions | Secure Mobile Control

The curated user experience of Royal Hawaiian Center begins with 22Miles’ immersive 3D wayfinding experience.

As part of the award-winning PaaS (Protection-as-a-Service) suite initiative, 22Miles also provided Royal Hawaiian with a “Touchless Touch” option, where users can scan a QR code and interact with any of the facility’s four interactive screens on their own mobile device – providing a safer and more hygienic interactive experience.

Powering the shopping and entertainment center’s interactive navigation experience is 22Miles’ content management software, Publisher Pro.AioT. The technology eliminates uncertainty, saves time, and ensures optimum engagement for tourists, employees and local shoppers alike, helping them seamlessly navigate and interact with all facets of the retail and dining haven. The solution allows an endless array of visual communications options as the facility grows, allowing administrators to use the expansive digital signage platform to deliver news, social media, live notifications, emergency alerts, generate revenue from advertisements and infotainment, and take command of distributing any information they choose.

Royal Hawaiian’s immersive user experience includes:

  • Enhanced 3D Map Views (with 3D Design, Fly Over, Stacked View, Multi-floor destination, 360-degree direction controls, and screen orientation
  • 13 interactive wayfinding Waytouch kiosks with weather-resistant touchscreens
  • 22Miles mobile app & Carry2Mobile integration
  • Contact-free screen interaction via Secure Mobile Control
  • Smart Pathway Algorithm (new-normal or restricted Automatic Destination Routing)
  • Intelligent built-in wayfinding algorithm that auto-generates directions based on personalized shortest path and ease of accessibility
  • Dynamic Map Pop Ups (Pop-up descriptions and images, alerts and safety notices)
  • ADA/Wheelchair Routes
  • Detour Pathway Rerouting (occupancy control pathways)
  • Smart Search
  • Map it Now (Instant display of turn-by-turn directions through SMS, QR Codes, Emails, and Printing)
  • Wayfinding Analytics (Easily track and monitor navigation searches occupancy and usage data)

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Known for their pioneering Wayfinding solutions, 22Miles works with multi-use communities, sports facilities, convention centers, large arenas, and organizations of all sizes and types to create immersive experiential solutions for users, paired with easy-to-learn content management for administrators. To learn more about 22Miles Interactive Wayfinding, Secure Mobile Control, Protection-as-a-Service, or CMS PublisherPro.AioT, explore our website at www.22miles.com

If you are looking for more information you can visit the 22miles site or email [email protected]

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