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About Olea Kiosks

Fifty years and thousands of customers later, Olea Kiosks has become the one-stop-shop for high-quality, innovative self-service solutions for Fortune 500 companies and smaller brands alike. From QSR giants to the world’s leading athletics company, Olea has worked with the best in business.

Olea Kiosk Healthcare

The Verona Healthcare Kiosk: True no-effort ADA height-compliance in an easy-to-service kiosk costing thousands less than the industry’s priciest model.

We manufacture every one of our kiosks at Olea’s Los Angeles headquarters while working with clients across the globe to develop innovative solutions that provide the best user-experiences and deliver the highest ROI.

Whether for QSRs/restaurants, hospitals, casinos or any of our custom-engineered kiosks, every one of our products testifies to what we mean by “Better kiosks through intelligent design.”

We have multiple videos of Olea Kiosk and the production floor and models.

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Olea Kiosk Healthcare Patient Check-In

The medical profession is a newcomer to self-service. While our competition is assembling bloated, over-priced units, Olea’s sleek, elegant and small-form-factor kiosks make it easy for facilities of all sizes to join this revolution in the patient experience.

Self-Order QSR Restaurant Kiosks

As wages increase, menus become more varied and American diets demand more healthful and costly menu items, Olea’s self-service kiosks can provide significant ROI. Whether deployed inside or at the drive-thru, our units will speed orders and improve accuracy, all the while letting operators reassign staff to more critical roles.

Gaming Kiosks

For casinos to prosper in the wake of changing demographics and player trends, they find themselves adopting new technologies, and Olea Kiosks is leading them into the adoption of self-service. Our technology helps build brand loyalty, expedite check-in/check-out, bust queues, sell event tickets and more. No wonder casinos in the U.S. and worldwide, get their kiosks from us.

Custom Kiosks

Olea Kiosks is known as the “go-to” company for beautifully designed custom kiosks. With decades of experience on hundreds of custom projects, placing over 10,000 of them in the field, it’s easy to see why we handle as many custom projects as we do. To earn clients like Nike, Kaiser Permanente, and CLEAR you have to be the best.

 Olea Kiosk Full Range of Services Includes:

  • Consulting
  • Industrial Design
  • Creative Consulting and Graphic Creation
  • Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • OEM Manufacturing
  • Integration Services
  • IT department for product testing and computer ghosting services
  • Certification Services
  • Patent Services
  • Microsites


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