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Support Kiosk AssociationSupport the Kiosk Association

Beginning in November 2015 we began accepting membership and sponsors thru end of 2016. As of April we have over 40 sponsors & members. Our LinkedIn group is over 1300 qualified members.  We have a mailing list of over 2000 and an audience of 40K.

The mission of the group is to promote kiosks and related self-service technology along with best practices. We do this via success stories, kiosk case studies and news releases in the conventional sense.

Multiple RFP services help us (and you) keep an eye on business. We manage multiple Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest boards dedicated to retail, self-service technology, standards and more. Our available usable audience is close to 300,000 depending on vertical and our overall maximum audience is 1.5 million.

Becoming a Sponsor is by invite only.  Sponsors receive a variety of benefits depending on the level of sponsorship including Advisory Board and formal membership on Committees.  Use the form below to contact us.  Our basic link membership is $750 for two year term (Premium Member).

Membership for Individuals is $60/year and for Deployers/Corporate it is free. Contact us for more details and see if you qualify.

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