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Slabb Kiosks has a variety of kiosk solutions, from our basic models to customized solutions that are uniquely designed to suit the specific needs of your company.

We have years of experience as one of the leading kiosk manufacturers, distributing cost effective, interactive, customized kiosks worldwide. We have installed and customized interactive kiosks for thousands of clients in over 150 countries. Our client list includes organizations from over 22 different sectors in six of the seven continents.

Our team builds standard and custom kiosk designs (no design fee) featuring the latest interactive software for any type of application – from medical kiosks to micro market self-checkout solutions.

Our kiosks are affordable, ADA compliant, UL certified and CE compliant. They are built to withstand vandalism and a high degree of usage.

Find out more about our innovative and cost effective products, including our interactive solutions, after sales support and excellent customer service here.

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