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State of The Restaurant Industry – Bank of America 2021

State of Restaurant Industry A pretty sensible look at restaurants by Bank of America analysts in November 2021. Here BoFa link Many restaurant operators adjusted operations, added technology and trimmed expenses. The past 18 months have ushered in new options for restaurant dining, or accelerated industry trends: curbside pickup, delivery, contactless payment (card, phone or digital), alcoholic beverages… Read More »

ADA – DOJ Accessibility Analysis

DOJ Accessibility Analysis March 2022 Announcement In March 2022 the DOJ formally issued a statement regarding accessibility and websites.  While that would seem to be confined to websites it is easy to assume that other public communication mechanisms such as kiosks, or mobile phones will be impacted in some way.  In particular, transactions performed by the public. You… Read More »

Face Verification – PopID Seeking $50 million Pay By Face

Pay By Face News Noted on PaymentsDive March 2022 – for more information contact [email protected] In Brief Company looking to raise $50M (already has 25M) Caliburger and Cali Group is parent company Up to 85,000 users in California Reduces merchant payment fees Internationally Wendy’s First Kitchen locations in Tokyo Facial payment ala Alipay popular in China Consumer interest… Read More »

IDmission – Empowering Identity Solutions

IDmission – We’re more than an identity company. For more information contact [email protected] IDmission was founded in 2011 to develop world-class biometric and onboarding solutions. After just 2 years, IDM landed its first global customer serving the money transfer business. With this customer processing over 750,000 customer images every month from 130 countries, IDmission was well on its… Read More »

KYC Kiosk News — Know Your Customer Brief aka Digital KYC

KYC Kiosk News What is electronic KYC? eKYC is the expression used to describe the digitalization and electronic and online conception of KYC processes. eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) is the remote, paperless process that minimizes the costs and traditional bureaucracy necessary in KYC processes. Our newest gold-level sponsor IDmission is an expert at KYC solutions. See blog… Read More »

Kiosk Location and Kiosk Placement – Best Practice

Customer Conversion Best Practice Latest blog entry by Olea Kiosks on best practice for kiosk placement – for more information email [email protected] Successful Kiosk Deployment is all about Location, Location, Location Where you physically place your kiosks within your facility is probably one of the most important steps in the process of deploying kiosks. Regardless of how attractive… Read More »

Checkout Kiosks – 235% increase Touchless Kiosks for Grab & Go

Checkout Kiosk Deployments for Grab-and-Go Markets Increase 235% Guests opt for a self-service option for 92% of retail transactions.  The touchless component for this is provided by KioTouch. For more information on this solution contact [email protected] DENVER, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Impulsify, Inc. reports a 235% increase in deployments of their ShopPoP: Check-Out Kiosk in 2021. The hotel… Read More »

Stripe For Kiosks – Samsung Kiosk by Intuiface

Samsung Kiosk Demo Stripe Integration From Intuiface March 2022 In-person payment, once the biggest challenge for kiosk applications, is now a plug-and-play addition for Stripe, one of the industry’s most respected payment solution providers. Intuiface is excited to announce a no-code integration for Stripe-mediated payments on self-service kiosks. This integration, the first of its kind for Stripe, means… Read More »