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Autonomous Store – KIOSK and UST AI Vision Checkout

From KIOSK website Jan 18 Editors Note — Same technology sans Lidar being used in the Nourish + Bloom Autonomous Grocery. See article on Automated Retail Touchless Checkout News LOUISVILLE, Colo. (BUSINESS WIRE) – UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has partnered with KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) to create a highly innovative self-service Retail AI Vision Checkout platform. The edge compute… Read More »

Checkout Kiosks – 235% increase Touchless Kiosks for Grab & Go

Checkout Kiosk Deployments for Grab-and-Go Markets Increase 235% Guests opt for a self-service option for 92% of retail transactions.  The touchless component for this is provided by KioTouch. For more information on this solution contact [email protected] DENVER, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Impulsify, Inc. reports a 235% increase in deployments of their ShopPoP: Check-Out Kiosk in 2021. The hotel… Read More »

Touchless kiosks developed by Kiosk Innovations

Touchless kiosks and Gesture Kiosks First released on PRNewswire and below content as echoed on Yogonet. They included the YouTube videos embedded for the gesture kiosk nav and the foot nav which is a “nice touch”.  These technologies are truly a bit of a departure from the more conventional gesture kiosk technology usually presented. And this is the… Read More »

Touchless KioTouch NoTouch Quick Demo Video

Touchless Kiosk No frills. No fuss. Here’s a quick demonstration of KioTouch™! If you are interested in how KioTouch can help your company or organization achieve a new level of safety and sanitation, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. KioTouch: Revolutionizing Self-Service – KioWare KioTouch allows the end-user to control a self-service kiosk using their… Read More »

NoTouch Touchscreen Mobile “Proxy Kiosk” Demo by KIOSK

Touchscreen Display in NoTouch Touchless Mode From LinkedIn we see entry from Tucker Lightsey on the release of KIOSKs’ new NoTouch Touchless mobile proxy Tucker Lightsey Director of Product Management at KIOSK Information Systems I want to share something cool we have been working on – Touchless Kiosk! Control your Kiosk from your smartphone. – Does not require… Read More »

KioWare Touchless – KioTouch Creating Opportunities

KioWare Touchless Touch Screen Kiosk Software News release by KioWare 10/22/2020 In 2019 a study showed just how unsanitary quick-service restaurant kiosks are and how kiosks can put customers at risk for picking up a range of harmful bacteria. Shortly after this study was released the development team at KioWare began designing KioTouch, a touchless kiosk interface. Using KioTouch,… Read More »