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  1. Kiosks with built-in antibacterial features: These aim to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria on surfaces users touch. This can involve:
    • Antimicrobial coatings: Applied to surfaces like touchscreens and buttons, these coatings kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses.
    • Touchscreens made of antimicrobial glass: This type of glass has a special coating that kills bacteria on contact.
    • UV-C light sanitization: Built-in UV-C lights can periodically disinfect surfaces within the kiosk.
  2. Kiosks used for antibacterial purposes: These might perform functions directly related to hygiene and germ control, such as:
    • Dispensing hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes: Providing easy access to cleaning solutions for users.
    • Monitoring air quality or surfaces for bacteria count: Alerting individuals or staff to potential hygiene concerns.
    • Providing information on hygiene practices: Displaying educational content about handwashing, cough etiquette, etc.

Antibacterial Touchscreen News – Utah Study on COVID Transmission via Surfaces

Antibacterial Touchscreens – Research Now Shows Little or No Danger Any questions contact [email protected] Seen on For sure touchscreens and self-service reduce the number of infections. Always true and still true. And best practice is to regularly clean screens (soap and water is fine). The study was based on bovine (cattle) mucus and simulated sneeze onto surfaces that… Read More »