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Antibacterial Kiosk Touchscreen Wipes Coatings

AntiBacterial Kiosk Touch Screen Kiosk July 2021 Antimicrobial Kiosks in the news. Samsung is the latest to call out antibacterial “certification”. See LinkedIn for our writeup.  Latest miracle is Zinc Pyrithione.  Sometimes used with antimicrobial copper.  Zinc Oxide is referred to for touchscreen use.  MicroBan offers a wide variety of antimicrobials and there was a burst of companies… Read More »

Touchscreen Cleaning Disinfection of Polytouch kiosks (SARS-CoV-2)

Antibacterial Kiosk Cleaning Editors Note:  Pyramid Computers provides unattended self-order to companies such as McDonalds.  There is a nice article showing their units in place at the Times Square McDonalds flagship. With regard to the coronavirus, this document describes how our polytouch® kiosks can be cleaned and disinfected regularly and safely. The listed cleaning and disinfection products are specially tested… Read More »