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By | April 19, 2024
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Surplus Kiosk and Gaming parts Marketplace



Thank you for your interest in the SuzoHapp Marketplace, the new Trading Platform for the Gaming Industry.

The SuzoHapp Marketplace was created to assist customers and suppliers alike to provide access to a global network of contacts to buy and sell excess stock. Stock that would otherwise sit on warehouse shelves, which can now be liquidated to cash and reduce inventories or supplement supply chain shortages. In creating a platform of this nature, we also acknowledge that we can contribute directly to the environmentally conscious and sustainability aspects of our industry.

As a registered user of the Marketplace, you are able to browse the items available for sale, send enquires for the items that you are interested in, and send requests for items needed that may not be listed on the platform. The back end of the SuzoHapp Marketplace is, by design, not a fully automated system, in that for us, one of the key elements of the platform is to retain and improve the communication directly between you as our customer and your SuzoHapp sales manager.

Through your Marketplace account, you are able to add products to the Marketplace that you would like to sell, and you can stay up to date on the interest shown in your products through the use of your personalised dashboard. There is an easy-to-use guide, which we will make available to you, which will help you through the simple process of adding products to the platform, making enquiries for items, or asking about items that you need. We will also engage with you on a Teams video call to help you set up the account and to navigate the platform.

If you would like access to the SuzoHapp Marketplace and be part of this exciting new platform, please ask your Suzohapp Sales Manager or contact Markus Prader directly [email protected]

You can also browse the SuzoHapp Marketplace by visiting:

Distressed Inventory as well as new kiosks and/or devices for sale are also posted on the Kioskindustry “For Sale” database. Today we posted 10″ Tablet deal for $80 for example.  See our For Sale page


Interested in electronic pickup lockers. We have new solution for 72 compartments complete with software for under $40K total. Think Amazon Hubs and USPS lockers. Contact [email protected]

Robot Waiters

New robot waiter pricing down from 9K to promotional under $5K

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