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How Automotive Kiosks Are Changing the Car Buying Experience

Automotive Kiosks and Car Buying

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For most, the car buying process is long, tedious, and filled with lots of waiting. Think back to the last time you bought a car. Odds are, you probably started by conducting some online research before you even went to the dealership. If so, you probably looked at a few different brands, models, and years to determine which would be the best fit for your needs. You may have made note of any special features you wanted and considered how much you were willing to spend. Finally, at some point you made your way to the dealership.

By the time you arrived at the dealership you were probably ready to take a test drive, and ultimately prepared to make a purchase. automotive kiosk by meridianHowever, upon your arrival, one of two things happened—either you got lucky and someone was ready and willing to help you, or the showroom was full of people waiting to be helped when you arrived, putting you at the back of the line. What if there had been a third option—a self-serve automotive kiosk, perhaps? Rather than sitting around and waiting for a salesperson to finish up with the customer they were helping, the kiosk could have helped you get started on the sales process.

Sound appealing? Whether you’re the customer or the salesperson, the answer is most likely yes. As consumers’ lives have become increasingly busy, the value of convenient time-saving and self-serve solutions has skyrocketed. And it’s no secret that busy customers value efficient service. For this reason, among others, digital automotive kiosks are completely transforming the car buying experience in dealerships across the country.

Automotive kiosks don’t just make the car buying process easier for consumers, though, they simplify the process for car salespeople as well—increasing the number of customers being helped at the same time, speeding up the process, and creating happier customers all make salespeople’s jobs easier. Automotive kiosks are decreasing transaction time, improving customer service, and providing a personalized buying experience.

Decreasing Transaction Time

Prior to embarking on their car shopping journey, most car shoppers accept the fact that the process, from initial research to making their purchase, will be time consuming. Digital automotive kiosks cut down on transaction time by engaging shoppers from the moment they enter the dealership. If a salesperson is not immediately available to help them, shoppers are redirected to the kiosks where they can begin the process by entering their personal information—license information, phone number, and email address. They may also be given the option to peruse loan information, get approved for loans, and browse the dealership’s inventory. In addition, shoppers are able to complete any necessary paperwork while they wait, reducing the need for the salesperson to complete it, and thus making the purchasing process quicker and more efficient.

Improving Customer Service

As with any industry, one of the main benefits of a digital kiosk in a car dealership setting is that it has the capability to take some of the more menial, automated tasks out of the hands of the salespeople. By shifting some of their responsibilities to the kiosks, salespeople have more time to help and build relationships with customers—joining them on test drives, explaining and demonstrating key features, answering questions, and completing sales. Automotive kiosks can also collect valuable customer information, making it easier for salespeople to follow up and check-in with customers once they depart from the dealership.

Providing a Personalized Buying Experience

Having an interactive digital kiosk in a car dealership puts the shopper in control of their buying experience from beginning to end. All of the inventory, vehicle, and loan information is presented in a way that’s straightforward, transparent, and perfectly catered to each individual customer’s unique needs and budgetary requirements. It also allows customers to navigate the process in a way that best meets their needs. For those who are unable to conduct research prior to visiting the dealership, automotive kiosks afford them the opportunity to still do so before meeting with a salesperson.

Automotive kiosks are also highly adaptable and designed to comply with standards set forth by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding reach and accessibility. Automotive kiosks can also be designed to address visual and hearing impairments through, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) technologies. These additional aspects take personalization to the next level, ensuring that all customers have access to the same information and services through the kiosk.

Though the car buying process will never be a simple one, digital kiosks are transforming the shopper experience—reducing wait times, improving transparency and customer service, and making the process more personalized.

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Automotive Kiosks – Self-Service Technology in the Auto Industry

Automotive Kiosks – Self-Service Technology in the Auto Industry

 Katie Kochelek August 7, 2018

I was maybe 15 or 16 when I went with my dad to buy the next family car.
Automotive kiosks car kiosks
It was the late 90s, so the purchasing experience was done in that traditional way of which we’ve grown nostalgic. I remember a collection of thick, glossy pamphlets from each car brand accumulating on our kitchen table, and I’d flip through pages of different models, reading about the various features each offered. When my father had finally narrowed down his “Favorites” list, we set aside a Saturday to visit the dealerships.

Each appointment involved poking around the car, listening to the sales person’s pitch, and taking a test drive. When a winner was finally chosen, we sat down to do that usual song and dance to secure the best price.

Fast forward to 2018.  Think of the most recent time you bought a car. Did you refer to those glossy brochures or did you go straight to the Internet to visit the brand’s homepage and find your nearby dealer location?

Did you read reviews, view photos, and look up the fairest pricing?

The car buying method has changed immensely, with digital sales tools creating an omnichannel experience that helps prospective clients come to a dealership armed with more insight than what was typically found in the catalogs.

But how can car brands capitalize on the modern-day consumer’s demand for convenience and immediate information while also benefitting their bottom line?

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Meridian Introduces Automotive Kiosk Solutions

Meridian Introduces Automotive Kiosk Solutions

automotive kiosk
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Aberdeen, N.C. – June 12, 2018 – Meridian, an industry leading kiosk manufacturer and software developer, has expanded their self-service solutions to include a lineup of automotive specific kiosks. “Automotive manufacturers and dealers are looking to improve the consumer journey and deliver the dealership experience of the future,” said Todd Marcelle, Director of Automotive Solutions. “Consumers are used to self service technology across many other retailing environments and expect the same from the automotive industry.”

The new automotive solutions are designed to improve and enhance the automotive customer experience by providing an end to end fully integrated DMS and CRM solution comprised of software, hardware and analytics. “Our automotive kiosks help dealerships interact with retail and service customers in a way that leaves them more satisfied and more likely to return,” said Meridian founder and CEO, Chris Gilder. “Our kiosks have proven to reduce transactions times, improve CSI and increase revenue producing a demonstrable ROI for dealerships.” Meridian’s kiosk solutions are currently deployed with major brands at select dealerships including Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ford, KIA, VW, Porsche and Nissan.

Meridian’s automotive solutions are comprised of the Showroom Digital HUB, Virtual Service Advisor and Smart Service Kiosk. The Digital HUB provides a digital shopping experience for customers within a showroom. Mike Nyguen, GM of Jack Taylor Toyota stated: “With the digital HUB, we are now capturing 99% of customers correct contact information into our CRM system and our CSI scores are well over 96%. Our customers recover an average of 1.5 to 2 hours from the car buying process.”

The Virtual Service Advisor (VSA) and Smart Service Kiosk (SSK) streamline automotive service for customers and businesses. “Our goal was to create a complimentary experience for those consumers that prefer self–service similar to the banking, travel and restaurant experiences. The solution mirrors a service advisors workflow providing recall, trade appraisals, upsells and electronic signatures,” said Marcelle. “The most compelling result is that over 95% consumers have said they would use the kiosks again and it made the experience easier.”

Meridian’s automotive solutions are designed and manufactured from their headquarters in North Carolina. “All of our products are built from start to finish by our own team of experts, ensuring the combination of engaging design and reliability,” said Gilder.

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