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Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. is an industry leader in the creative design and manufacturing of interactive kiosks, offering cost-savings, efficiency, and customer experience solutions for markets like healthcare, retail, restaurants, cannabis and more.
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Our 90-year history translates to a deep understanding of the unique pain points of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to emergent brands rolling out for the first time. Every custom kiosk project as well as our self-service kiosk line was born from our insight as a trusted partner in the kiosk industry.

An end-to-end solution provider, our onsite services include design and industrial engineering, prototyping, production, integration and fulfillment, and distribution. Today’s kiosks are powerful marketing tools that connect your customers with your brand – let us help you launch your next program that does just that.

Whitepaper — “Successfully Navigating the Path to Kiosk Deployment.”  — Incorporating kiosks into the strategic fold is a journey, not an instantaneous action. Learn the five steps to help prospective deployers navigate the path to deployment.  Download the paper here.

“In an ever-changing marketplace, we are the constant that provides you with a creative, responsive and thorough approach to every in-store merchandising or interactive kiosk program. Our mission is to create an environment which focuses on turning targeted in-store merchandising initiatives into guaranteed results.”

 – Mike Mayer, President

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