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Whitepaper – Debunking Common Myths About Digital Kiosks & Signage

Whitepaper – Debunking Common Myths About Digital Kiosks & Signage

kiosks and digital signage Interactive digital signage and kiosks are being adopted across numerous industries at an impressive rate. Despite the industry’s incredible growth rate, some companies and end-users still express skepticism toward the technology—much of which is largely attributable to misinformation and misconceptions. Some of these misconceptions harp on the ideas that kiosks take away jobs, they’re difficult to use, too
expensive, or irrelevant to a specific business or industry.

“They’re Taking Jobs Away”
One of the most frequent concerns regarding any sort of technology designed to make a business run more efficiently is job security. People are often under the impression that digital kiosks eliminate the need for a
business to retain the same number of employees, however, the contrary is often true. After launching a digital kiosk, most businesses actually keep the exact same number of employees on their payroll as they had prior to implementing the technology. Rather than eliminating the need for employees, digital kiosks free
up employees’ time and obligations, allowing them to invest more of their time in customer service. For instance, instead of operating a cash register, the
employees who once held that responsibility are now available to help customers navigate the retail
space, answer any questions they may have, and make their shopping experience more enjoyable. When
employees are able to have a more customer service-focused role, customers are able to get the help
they desire and are, as a result, more satisfied.

You can download the full whitepaper below.

Debunking Common Myths About Digital Kiosks and Signage_White Paper

Whitepaper – The Present-Day Kiosk and Its Benefit to Today’s Consumer

The Present-Day Kiosk and Its Benefit to Today’s Consumer

frank mayer whitepaper Kiosks are an effective tool in branding efforts targeting the modern connected consumer. Offering customers everything from convenience to personalization, kiosks maximize the patron’s experience while delivering steady opportunities for a brand or retailer’s return on investment.


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