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By | October 19, 2023
Custom Kiosk

REDYREF Unveils Four Innovative Digital Kiosks: Encounter, Escape, Lynx, and Skyline 3.0

The driving force behind self-service kiosk technology is innovation — transforming ordinary user experiences into extraordinary ones. REDYREF, a pioneer in digital kiosk manufacturing, has unveiled its latest high-tech offerings: Encounter, Escape, Lynx, and Skyline 3.0. These four cutting-edge digital kiosks are poised to redefine the landscape of self-service solutions and usher in a new era of convenience, adaptability, and technological excellence.  For more info and pricing email [email protected].  See the new Cash-to-Card kiosk at NRF 2024!

Cash-to-Card Kiosk Escape: The Most Versatile Cash-to-Card Solution

Introducing the Escape prepaid card kiosk, a versatile digital solution designed to thrive in any setting, whether indoors or outdoors, while withstanding even the worst weather conditions. This innovative kiosk is particularly well-suited for temporary events, such as carnivals or music festivals, where mobility and rapid setup are paramount. You can even integrate it into mobile trailers for effortless transportation and assembly. Plus, the freestanding Escape is thoughtfully engineered with built-in forklift channels in its base, ensuring effortless relocation from one place to another.

Digital Signage Kiosks – Skyline 3.0: Elevating Interactive Self-Service

The REDYREF Skyline 3.0 digital, interactive kiosk is available in two display sizes: 43″ and 22″, as well as two configurations – wall mount and freestanding. Each kiosk features a clear, easy-to-read portrait-orientation display, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This adaptability positions it as the preferred choice for a wide range of locations, including sprawling hospital and business campuses, bustling malls, and vital transportation hubs such as train stations and airports.

Outdoor Kiosk – Lynx: Revolutionizing Drive-Up Convenience

Meet Lynx, our cutting-edge interactive outdoor kiosk designed to seamlessly blend live 2-way interaction with essential transactional capabilities, tailored especially for outdoor drive-up and drive-through scenarios. With Lynx, users can effortlessly communicate, place orders, and complete payments without the need to exit their vehicle. Available in two sizes — 22” and 32”, it’s the future of drive-up convenience at your fingertips.

Small Footprint Kiosk – Encounter: Streamlined Transactional Solutions

Encounter is a sleek, free-standing kiosk solution explicitly designed for transactional needs, especially in environments where space is at a premium. While a full range of components can be integrated into the Encounter for any number of purposes, two popular configurations are readily available for ordering, payment and ticketing.

REDYREF’s commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in these four remarkable new digital kiosk models. Says Will Pymm, SVP and Managing Partner of REDYREF, “Our aim is to provide the most advanced kiosk solutions to continue redefining self-service. These new kiosks are a testament to our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries.”

With Encounter, Escape, Lynx, and Skyline 3.0 leading the way, REDYREF continues to set the standard for excellence in the self-service kiosk industry. These kiosks are more than just technology; they represent the future of self-service convenience, adaptability, and innovation.

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