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From KIOSK – 2013 statistics from the FDIC report 7.7% of households in the United States as unbanked (9.6 million households). Further, a full 20% are underbanked – meaning they have a bank account but also use alternative financial services outside of the banking system.

includes payment kiosk projects such as AT&T Bill Pay, Verizon Bill Pay, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Sponsors with Payment kiosk technology

  • Olea Kiosk – wide range of standard bill payment models including counter top, wall-mount and bulk accept
  • KIOSK Information Systems – Complete payment fulfillment options including cash, credit / debit (fully secure and encrypted), checks, gift cards, and electronic check payment.
  • Frank Mayer – DMV kiosks
  • Dynatouch bill payment kiosks (owned by Harris)
  • Turnkey Kiosks – credit union, banks, financial kiosks
  • Self-Service Networks – Cash2Card and Gift Card Solutions

 Bill Pay Kiosk technology

Additionally, there are companies such as OptConnect which provide 3G/4G secure monitoring of Smart Safes for ATMs and Kiosks. Companies with software that directly support the cash and coin devices.

ROI Rationale — Verizon Wireless has answered the call for a faster way for its customers to pay wireless bills. Nearly all Verizon Wireless Communications Stores feature bill payment kiosk payment stations, a fast and easy way for customers to manage their wireless telephone bills. The kiosks cut wait times drastically for customers who prefer to make in-store bill payments. The kiosks are very much like ATM machines, but instead of dispensing money they collect kiosk payments (Hey, that’s sounding pretty good already…) and they can apply credit to the customers’ wireless accounts. The machines accept cash, credit cards, personal checks and gift cards.  Cash back.  No interchange fees.

Payments can be posted for either a customer’s monthly service plan or for pre-pay service plans. The  pay kiosks which are accessible during store hours-require only the customer’s account number and the establishment of a PIN number. Payments post immediately after the transaction is complete. The kiosk system proves advantageous to those who favor prompt, convenient transactions.

“The kiosks allow our customers to avoid waiting in line to make an in-store payment and give them greater flexibility and control over their payments,” says Keith Slater, director of communications stores for Verizon Wireless’ Upstate New York Region.

The immediacy of a kiosk payment can be beneficial in a number of situations:

  • Customers can easily avoid late payment fees for a bill they may have overlooked.
  • The parents of a college student would be able to make payments for their child, using the kiosk to help with the student’s finances.
  • Customers who frequently travel for business or take vacations could use kiosks nationwide to manage their accounts.
  • A family member of a customer who unexpectedly falls ill, or may be confined to the home (such as an expectant mother or someone with an injury) could pay the bill by using the kiosk.

As an added incentive to customers who use the bill payment kiosks, receipts from kiosk transactions often include special offers and promotions.

Verizon Bill Payment Kiosks Example

“The kiosks help us manage the flow of traffic through our stores more effectively and provide our customers with a much easier, quicker way to manage their wireless accounts,” says John Palmer, president of Verizon Wireless’ Upstate New York Region.

Verizon bill payment kiosks generally take cash, check or credit card. Coin is not an option.  The customers are entirely mobile phone owners and their payments are generally in cash mostly with some credit and maybe 20% in old fashion checks.

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