Tablet Kiosk Solutions

Tablet Kiosk Solution

In the self-service world you may look for tablet kiosk hardware and enclosures, or you may be looking for Tablet software. That extends to an application. Combine an application and hardware and you have a tablet kiosk solution.

Could be something like Phreesia with their tablets and application which together then allow patients to check-in.  That application is completely turnkey assuming you use one of the supported EHR or EMR systems. ClearWave does the same thing in medical.Additional Tablet Kiosk information and “branches” below:

  • Tablet Kiosk Enclosures and Hardware.  Ranging from the quintessential “lollipop” pedestal to countertops and wall-mounts and many more. Rugged and prosumer tablet computers included.
  • Tablet Kiosk Software – includes lockdowns like Kioware and Provisio as well as Monitoring and M2M. Application development for Tablets included.
  • Hardware + SDK + devices can come from people like SpartaKiosk
  • Hardware – Commercial versus Consumer Android Tablets

More Tablet Kiosk  information

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