Mobile Master Card Issuance Drive-Up – Outdoor Kiosks on Wheels

By | January 7, 2021

First time for everything. Here is another example of business taking the transaction to the consumer. A variant on home delivery.

From outside the US (that figures…) — Mobile branch #Instant¬†#Card¬†#Issuance¬†is the hottest solution on the market helping onboard and issue any financial EMV, Telco Sim and National ID cards in real-time.

This brings a new angle to RMUs (Remote Merchandising Units) such as cellphone, sports, cosmetics and our favorite, chocolate kiosks that you used to see at airports (when we actually went to airports)

We were/are having a discussion on LinkedIn about this and implications application in world markets. We see the Underbanked as a potential big user of mobile payment — mobile as a payment mechanism that goes to the consumer. Hard to spend time on millennials that buy lattes at Starbucks on their iPhone.¬† They have their solution.¬† Thanks to Justin Henry in Dubai for bringing this to our attention.

Mobile mastercard issuance

Mobile mastercard issuance

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