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By | July 14, 2023
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Wayfinding 3D with 22Miles & BrightSign

Nice video of 22Miles explaining wayfinding, especially 3D, using the BrightSign player. For more information email [email protected]


One of the biggest things that 22 Miles offers is this really comprehensive, but yet agile digital signage and interactive experience platform to really support applications that could be as simple as digital signage with different feeds on them.

We love working with BrightSign because we know that you guys are the brain, the purple box that allows us to pull this amazing content experience, right?

This all comes together with our partners, right? We have to create this, this immersive solution within an ecosystem that’s developed from the top down, right? The client to the sis. And we’re kind of the behind the scenes with the box and the display really powering the entire experience.

One of our flexibilities in the industry is our 3D wayfinding capability, and you can see how responsive that is that, we’ve spent a lot of time developing this flexibility on the BrightSign as well.

And so we could do a lot of really unique components for a big campus, whether it’s healthcare, whether it’s education, whether it’s a workplace design, whatever our system integrated partners are coming to us for, we’re able to support and really create a dynamic and user-friendly experience that is a hundred percent editable by the client to support just about any digital connection.

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