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I have a question about Thermal printers, Receipt Printers and Ticket Printers

Do I need a kiosk thermal printer and what kind? Last updated March 16th, 2021 Intro We get questions from all over. Recently we received several questions regarding kiosk thermal printers. Printers generally are 80mm thermal though there are a ton of 58mm used in automated gas station pumps.  Wide thermals are often used in situations like hospitals… Read More »

FAQ – What are the costs of Kiosk Paper?

Thermal Paper Cost Paper is everywhere.  One of the benefits of digital transactions is the mitigation of the use of paper. Here are some facts and figures about paper.  Here we have stitched together several articles and more that help shed light on paper. The 3 E’s: Economical, Environmental, Efficient Are you a paper pusher? The typical workplace… Read More »

Thermal Printer Kiosk News – How To Avoid Chargebacks and Dispute

Thermal Printer News From StarMicronics Blog on Thermal Printer Receipts As a business owner in the modern competitive economic landscape, the bottom line means everything. In today’s blog post, explore what chargebacks are, their prevalence, and how you can use printed receipts to avoid and dispute them – saving you money and increasing your bottom line. What is… Read More »