JAWS Software & Windows Kiosk Mode

By | July 20, 2021
JAWS Software Scree Reader & Windows 10 Kiosk Mode

JAWS Software and Kiosk Mode

Latest release from KioWare for Windows 10 Kiosk Mode is available. KioWare for Windows Version 8.29

Editors Note: We’ve used, installed, deployed and managed 100s of KioWare deployments over the years and we recommend. Major clients such the SSA picked KioWare for a good reason. Generally many companies will attempt to use in-house resources to do the application. If there are usability, accessibility, security, PCI or god forbid, actual transactional devices, the inhouse benefits greatly from having a readymade platform on which to build their application.  It’s like getting device drivers in Windows and not having to write them, except these drivers are for your browser.

In Brief

  • Lite is $70/license and Basic is $135
  • Blocking pop-up and all table, domain & page list, file downloads, dialog
  • Full browser and OS lockdown
  • Data management – clear all types of data, user sessions, automatic logoff, attract screens
  • Accessibility include Nav-Pad Storm device support, screen magnification and JAWS Software for screen reader
  • Device support — Magstripe Readers, EMV Compliant, Chip Devices, Security Mats/Proximity Switches, RFID/NFC, Devices, Multiple Monitors, Bill Acceptors/Card Dispensers, Flatbed Scanners
  • Full remote management capabilities
  • Full online specifications
  • Custom applications on demand
  • Here is comparison which also lists accessibility options per version (Android, Windows, Chrome, etc). JAWS software or JAWS screen reader capability along with Storm device support — https://www.kioware.com/comparison.aspx

YORK, Pa. — A new version update of KioWare for Windows has been released. Version 8.29 for Windows is now available with many improvements that work toward the company’s goal of constantly improving user experience.

E-Seek M500 ID Scanner & Digital Persona Fingerprint Scanner

KioWare for Windows now supports the E-Seek M500 ID Scanner. You can learn more about this device and its functionality by clicking here. KioWare for Windows also supports the DigitalPersona Fingerprint Scanner.

Rotate Option to Chrome Logs

The latest version of KioWare for Windows can now be configured to keep old Chrome log files to be referenced at a later date when launching KioWare. In the past, these log files were truncated after launching KioWare and not easily accessible if they required referencing in the future.

Improvements to Cookie Processing

KioWare for Windows 8.29 has improved the cookie-handling process. Cookies collected by a user during a kiosk session and cleanup of those cookies at the end of the session is now more efficient.

Tab Accessibility Function for Toolbars

A new accessibility feature for accessing toolbars within KioWare has been added. Kiosk deployers are now able to “tab” between toolbars within KioWare, making it easier to interface via keyboard.

Other Bug Fixes and Minor Updates

Implemented bug fixes and other minor updates, including an update to Chrome 91/CEF 4472 and improvements to Shift4 integration.

You can download and try for free

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Analytical Design Solutions, Inc. dba KioWare has been in business since 1991 providing IT consulting to businesses of all sizes, is located in York, Pennsylvania, and is a worldwide market leader in self-service kiosk and purposed device markets. KioWare is kiosk system software that kiosk applications are built on and is used in over 14,000 projects in over 130 countries with project deployments that range from a handful to many thousands of kiosks.

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