Alabama Schools Million Dollar Hikvision Fever Camera Deal

Fever Detection Camera Deal

Reported by IPVM Aug2020 — By: Sean Patton and Charles Rollet, 

The Baldwin County, Alabama public schools purchased a $1 million, 144-camera Hikvision thermal system to screen fevers at dozens of its schools when reopening tomorrow.

However, there is no indication blackbody devices will be used or that, more generally, FDA/international fever screening guidelines will be strictly followed. Instead, both school and integrator have touted violations of said guidelines, like screening 30 people at once or placing cameras directly at entrances with no chance for an adjustment period.

The system thus risks missing many fevers and allowing coronavirus to spread. The deal also raises ethics issues for using products from a company sanctioned for human rights abuses and federally banned by the US government.

Despite the significant potential public health risks involved, the school district has ignored questions from IPVM since we first reached out almost a month ago, effectively refusing to comment. IPVM even hired a local reporter to request the deal’s contract (because Alabama only allows residents to do so) but the school remained unresponsive. The integrator also ignored our repeated comment requests.

Deal Details: 144 Cameras In 48 Schools

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Other Details of this unit: Mobile Monitoring Station provides group photo, still photo, thermo-graphic photo, and video of each person, Audio alarm alerts operator of high skin temperature, Real time skin temperatures displayed on the monitor. Mobile Monitoring Station is complete as shipped and set up; no additional equipment required. Stand-alone unit. No “Black Box” or other background equipment required Accuracy of +/- 2 degrees, Monitoring depth range of 6’ up to 45’, width range of 12’

Mass detect up to 30 people simultaneously. No special electrical requirements, No shipping costs, no installation costs.

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And, yes, there is absolutely an American manufacturer who is a fraction of the price of the Hikvision system and that does true thermography and iris reads, see: Seek Scan Thermal Temperature Screening System Tested