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All In One Computer –  often referred to an AIO, these units began with small 5:4 touchscreens and included integrated devices such as a camera, a barcode scanner, WiFi, NFC and some even a printer.

Rugged all in one computers are often tablet sized with 10″ screens and are easily carried and often used on the manufacturing or production floor.

In 2020 and 2021 the term AIO suddenly extended to large format touchscreen monitors. Typically beginning at 32 and available in 47 and 55s. In the education market it is not uncommon for 75 inch and 85 inch “AIO”.  LCD manufacturers such as Samsung and LG have begun providing computer slots integrated into the chassis. Intel SDM factor being the most common Intel iteration.

All In One Computer Insight Touch – Case Study

Custom Touch AIO All in one Computer & Touch Screen Monitor As a supplier of Custom Touch AIO and Touch Monitor in the United States, we focus on the localized application of Touch products. In recent years, especially under the Covid-19 pandemic, Touch products’ applications are growing continually and changing rapidly. The diversification of applications is driving personalized… Read More »

digital signage solution – TDS Products – See New Lineup at DSE 2018

 TDS Touch New Products at DSE TDS will be attending DSE-2018 show as an exhibitor, our Booth No#1854, we will prepare below products in this show:   1. TDS-38B&38C Open-Frame Touch Monitor (17″, 19″, 18.5″, 21.5″& 23.8″) 2. TDS-20C Touch AIO for Digital Signage (10.1″, 15.6″, 18.5″, 21.5″, 23.8″) 3. TDS-3220D AIO for Digital Signage (31.5″ 10-Points PCAP)… Read More »

LinkNYC 5G Design “Limited” Approval Passes (except for Residential)

A new design for a much taller, 5G-enabled LinkNYC kiosk received a limited approval Monday—clearing one of the de Blasio administration’s central technology initiatives to restart in commercial and industrial districts following a three-year hiatus. Back in October The Public Design Commission panned the new taller design for 5G — 10/18/2021 from Crains From Crain 12/14 But the… Read More »