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By | November 29, 2020
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Custom Touch AIO All in one Computer & Touch Screen Monitor

Custom Touch AIO and Touch Screen Monitor

Custom Touch AIO and Touch Screen Monitor

As a supplier of Custom Touch AIO and Touch Monitor in the United States, we focus on the localized application of Touch products.

In recent years, especially under the Covid-19 pandemic, Touch products’ applications are growing continually and changing rapidly. The diversification of applications is driving personalized and customized Touch products. Insight Touch technology has been providing long and wide standard Touch products. We tailor our traditional products with quick response and broad flexibility to offer unique products to meet our customer’s special requirements.

In the past several years, we have been experiencing these challenges with our partners. Among all successful stories, we want to share two of them with you:

β€’ Case 1: 10.1” Embedded Touch Monitor for Kiosks in shopping mall, airport, etc.

The customer requires a 10.1” Embedded Touch Monitor with PCAP touch and 600-800 nits brightness. The customized products we provide are a 10.1-inch Embedded Touch Monitor with 10-point PCAP touch, 1000nits high-brightness original LCD, and metal case with heat dissipation included. Please refer to the following picture above for our product and the application.

β€’ Case2: 13.3”, 15” & 24” No Touch Monitor for New York Broadway Stage performance

The customer requires No-Touch, No-logo, splash screen, and without input source notification after the power turn on.

We provide the customized products: 13.3β€œ, 15” & 24” No Touch, Zero-Bezel Monitor. After firmware modification, the monitor can eliminate any logo or signal info when the machine is powering. Please see the following application.


touchscreen AIO Insight

touchscreen AIO Insight


We make other customized Touch products, such as 15.6-inch Touch AIO built-in camera, 32-inch Touch Screen that needs to work through 6mm glass cover, 22-inch Embedded Touch Monitor that needs to pass the IP65 test, and so on.

Customizing a Touch product is never easy. From spec definition, ID design, material selection, cost vs. performance trade-off, product manufacture, and customer service, all need a strong understanding of Touch industrial, fast response, in-depth collaboration with customers, and super local service. These are exactly what Insight Touch is excelling in.

If you are interested in our customized Touch AIO or Touch monitor, please visit for more detailed information, or feel free to contact us ([email protected]).

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