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Kiosk Meaning – defining kiosk

Kiosk Meaning What is the word kiosk meaning?  The kiosk originally began as the town square notice board for the community to post notices.  The usual reference in Wikipedia will call out Persia as the originating language for the word.  Another Wikipedia page more relevant is the Interactive Kiosk page. For sure: They allow interaction usually with touchscreen… Read More »

5 Tips to Ensure Your Self-Serve Kiosk is a Success – by NCR

Adding self-service tech can be a real boon for business — but only if you’ve done your research. by: Meg C Hall Are you taking advantage of self-service technologies at your small business? According to research from Bouncepad, three out of four consumers are more likely to visit a store where tech is part of the experience. What’s more,… Read More »