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By | September 10, 2022
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Olea Kiosks Production Floor 2022

Nice video from Frank Olea showing the current production floor. Olea recently doubled its manufacturing space and has added another 40 employees.  Who says the pandemic + California presents a downturn in business? Olea is a family business founded in 1975 by Fernando Olea (grandfather to Frank Olea). The feature image shows Fernando working on one of the sustainable kiosks in 2008 from Olea’s very wide portfolio of standard kiosks. Frank’s grandfather Fernando passed away recently.

What you need to know Synopsis

  • One of the few truly made-in-America companies (there are others)
  • Doubled manufacturing capacity to provide burst capacity
  • With clients such as Kaiser Permanente you can be sure that complete (not partial) accessibility engineering is a standard option. When someone says they are ADA-compliant, press a little a harder and ask to what degree and what specific requirements.
  • One of the first to provide standard large format (42″ & 55″ e.g.) screens (indoor and outdoor)
  • Has economical small form factor kiosks which can be “beefed up” to include a wide variety of devices not normally found in a small form factor standard kiosk

From the CEO Frank Olea

Adding nearly 40 people in less than a year is challenging. For me the worry is our tight culture. This company has been my whole life, sharing my vision for how great this place can be is so important to me. I spend a lot of time walking the factory floor talking to everyone. Managers down to the forklift driver and janitor. Even working on my Spanish to improve so I can have better conversations. I hear comments that most of these new people never spoke to the CEO at their old place. Well that’s not me! I love my company and want them to love it too. We kick ass and I want them to know they can kick ass with us. [link on LinkedIn]


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