PSA Public Service Announcement – Sanitizer Kiosks

By | May 28, 2020

Before you go installing or reselling the new Digital Signage Sanitizer Kiosks be sure to verify that it’s UL certified. Ask for the certificates on the exact machine you are looking to purchase. Manufacturers have this information readily available if they have done the tests. Sanitizer is flammable. Faulty electronics, poor wiring etc… are all great sources of a flash-point. We’re a huge fan of all the innovation going on in my industry from around the world but, safety before profits.

Some other notes:

  • Reviewing most offerings the units were designed as wall mount.
  • Notice never anyone in the picture as a reference.  Because the height of applicator is at 29.2 inches so a 2 year old is at risk if walking.
  • Electronics are not UL or CSA approved.
  • Companies using these could be liable for multiple avenues for lawsuits.  Not to mention their insurance would not cover lawsuit problems.

Reference link on dangers of sanitizer kiosks from CBS News

There’s a hidden risk with keeping hand sanitizer in your car to help protect against COVID-19 and other illnesses, especially during the hot summer months. Flammable liquids and direct sunlight can make it explode, CBS Dallas warns.

“It’s flammable and it’s an irritant,” retired Dallas firefighter Sherrie Wilson told the station. “When it’s venting and if it’s venting in a small space like a car, and vapor is released, it can explode.”


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