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By | April 15, 2019

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peerless-av kiosk There are other reasons, too.

For instance, kiosks can increase consumer spending, no matter the market, according to various reports and QSR-focused kiosk research from PYMNTS. The increase in consumer spending when ordering through self-service kiosks is 30 percent. Léa French Street Food in Illinois, for example, found that kiosks encouraged customers to customize their orders. As a result, the restaurant noticed orders at the kiosk had much higher check sizes than counter orders. For example, kiosk orders had an average check size of $17.17, while counter orders had an average check size of $9.79.

When it comes to the future of kiosks, one market that certainly will lead the way is China, which by nearly all accounts is ahead of every other country when it comes to forms of unattended retail, including retail kiosks.

As¬†Bloomberg¬†has noted, kiosks have gained significant attention ‚Äď that is, capital ‚Ästfrom major retail and technology players. ‚ÄúNames from¬†Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.¬†and¬†Tencent Holdings Ltd.¬†to¬†Walmart Inc.¬†and Sequoia have poured more than $1.7 billion into startups such as Mr. Fresh and¬†Xingbianli¬†(Gorilla Convenience) that for now offer little more than tricked-out vending machines or kiosks,‚ÄĚ the news provider said. The appeal of kiosks? Much of it has to do with serving the masses of office workers in cities such as Shanghai, the report said.

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