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Future Travel Experience, Live check-in, AI self-service, and Oktoberfest!

October update from imageHOLDERS Writeup post-FTE from ImageHolders Hi there, Welcome to your imageHOLDERS October Newsletter, where you can read all about the latest industry updates, our company news, and everything you need to know about what we’ve been up to over the past month. Strengthening our Partnership with United Airlines at The Future Travel Experience    … Read More »

Airline Kiosks – Alaska Air Experiments with no check-in and only baggage kiosks

Airline Kiosk Check-In News Multiple articles on the new Alaska Air announced policy of removing check-in kiosks and forcing mobile only.  We don’t fly very often and are in the TSA program. Still, we tend to print boarding pass to have as safety valve in case we forgot to charge the mobile.  Thanks to Hilton Schwartz of Canada… Read More »