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Airport kiosks are self-service machines that allow travelers to perform various tasks such as check-in, print boarding passes, check bags, and request seating changes. They are designed to automate many common air travel-related tasks while providing convenience to the user and ultimately putting less strain on airport staff 1.

In addition to these specific functions, airport kiosks can also provide the same benefits as traditional kiosks, including increased brand visibility, wayfinding functionality, news headlines, and public health messaging 1.

Here are some of the main benefits of airport kiosks:

Faster Check-In Process: The primary benefit of a kiosk system is faster check-in for travelers. Long lines to check in for flights can be one of the most stressful parts of air travel, especially when pressed for time. Airport kiosks allow travelers to bypass the main check-in counters, giving them more time to get through security and to their gates 1.

Print Ticket & Boarding Passes: Kiosks allow travelers to print boarding passes ahead of time, with some airports making kiosks available right at the airport entrances. As with online check-in, it simply requires providing credentials such as a confirmation number or the credit card used to make the reservation, and then the kiosk will print out a physical boarding pass. This greatly expedites the check-in process, especially when traveling with a carry-on only 1.

Print Luggage Tag: Airport kiosks allow travelers to print luggage tags, which are required for all checked baggage. Traditionally, travelers would have to wait in line to receive these tags, but with a kiosk, the process can be completed at the same time as checking in for a flight and printing boarding passes. Baggage is then simply dropped at a bag drop station before the traveler proceeds to a security checkpoint.

Multilingual Support: Airport kiosks include software that presents information in a wide range of languages, making them easy to use for most travelers

Increased Efficiency: Airport kiosks allow airports to operate more safely and efficiently by automating many common tasks. This reduces wait times and puts less strain on airport staff

CLEAR Airport Kiosk – Update on TSA and Idemia

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Airport touchscreen kiosk provides info on sister cities

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NCR Latest Technology Solutions for Airports

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Download Kiosk – Movies In 3 Minutes At Digiboo Airport Kiosks

These clever kiosks are popping up in airports all over America. They offer movie rental downloads in less than three minutes, allowing you to watch on the plane without need for an Internet connection.

Source: www.techtimes.com

Fast Company says that Digiboo’s kiosks are able to do such fast downloads thanks to Wi-Fi router that works “significantly faster than most Internet networks provided by airports.” The file size for an average movie is between 1 and 1.5 gigabytes. Digiboo super-fast routers will transfer 1.3 gigabytes in less than three minutes.

Many airports in the midwest already have Digiboo kiosks, with the company expecting to place 2,000 of them before the end of 2016. The Digiboo app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

APC Kiosk Deployment September Update

Latest numbers from firms on numbers. According the January 2015 count, there are 903 operational APC kiosks located in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Dublin, Ireland and Abu Dhabi with another 189 targeted to go live by Spring 2015. This is up from just 280 in February 2014 and will bring the total number of APC Kiosks… Read More »

SITA provides 100 automated kiosks to three airports in Mexico

IT and telecommunication provider SITA has supplied 100 of its automated border control kiosks for installation in three major international…Rea

Source: www.airport-technology.com

Travellers from up to five SITA kiosks can be managed from just one immigration counter. The kiosks have reportedly reduced the time passengers spend in queues by as much as 40%.

Mexico Ministry of Communications and Transportation secretary general Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said: “The installation of these kiosks represents another example of the implementation of state-of-the-art technology in Mexico, aimed at preserving the safety of people and their goods, as well as facilitating activities related to aviation.

“Automating the entry of domestic and foreign passengers who do not require a visa is achieved by capturing biometric data (fingerprints, photography and scanning of the passport), which quadruples the capacity of passenger attention for each migration agent.”