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Windows lockdown software has a long history and there are numerous articles regarding assigned access as it is called, and the many problems that trying to DIY with the standard Windows tools rarely turns out well, and then it has to be redone for next iteration of Windows. Windows XP was the first commercially used Windows software. It still runs on many ATMs and I suspect a few airline kiosks.  For that matter most credit card readers are not encrypted in this day and age.  Doing your own lockdown because you think you are extremely cheap or you have the available resources is the usual rationale. Our advice is to at least educate yourself first on the trials and tribulations that industrial strength (and secure) software has learned over the last 10 or so generations while you begin your first generation.

It may sound less than tactful but the fact is if you think about it, most times you try and go cheap, end up being much more expensive.  Nobody wants to spend an exorbitant amount of money unnecessarily.  It’s just a matter of calculating the probability of that happening based on a decision.

Kiosk Browsers – NFC by default in Chrome Engine Now

Google Chrome Interactive Features Editors Note – All of the most mature Browser Lockdown products for secure desktop use the Chrome Engine. This latest device integration by Google is significant. NFC (Near Field Communications) is a core technology used often in self-service kiosks. Browsers have become the viewports for all. Excerpt from TechRadar: Web browsers are developing and… Read More »