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kiosks – kiosks for unattended self-service

The Future of Kiosks

The Future of Kiosks happy person using the check-in machine at the airport getting the boarding pass. Each of us is entrenched in the vast world of technology, whether we know it or not. Moore’s Law suggests that computer processing speed doubles every 18 months.  Some experts believe that gap is narrowing in many tech areas. Internet of Things (IoT)… Read More »

Kiosks – Definition

Kiosks – what are they Kiosks are easy to define but also confusing. We deal in electronic kiosks. Round structures in Turkey where village notices were published is the origin. And then came computers and electronic kiosks. You’ll note that we often use the phrase “kiosk kiosks”. That indicates that whatever is being called a kiosk, is actually… Read More »

Whitepaper – When Customer & Customer Experience Collide

New whitepaper by Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. Overview Forward In the last few years, the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry has begun to explore how the addition of self-serve kiosks within the restaurant can impact the ordering experience, shape the types of employees needed, and transform the customer experience. Chains began experimenting with the technology in 2014,… Read More »