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By | February 3, 2021

BigHospitality article Feb 2021

Self-Service and following lead of QSRs article

pyramid computer self-order kiosks

pyramid computer self-order kiosks

Excerpts from:

  • Says QSR sector has been quickest but that is not true.  QSRs always toyed with the idea with most of them watching McDonalds experiment while patient check-in and ticketing at Disney went right ahead.
  • Kiosks for self-order in Vita Mojo
  • Pyramid Computer makes the kiosks and notes that some of their customers are seeing a 60% rise in average customer spend
  • Obligatory nod to Intel Core processors injected.
  • Intel quote that Intel is used in all kitchen screens, kiosks, menu boards and drive-thrus.  Tell that to Paneras or Appetize.
  • The article moves on to Intel bringing in Acrelec to help them with touchless kiosk. Intel recently did a promotional whitepaper on touchless and it wasn’t very helpful. We are a tough audience for sure.
  • Hovering hands are called out as ordering mechanism.  We agree anything is possible. I use to point at food walking thru Furr Cafeteria and someone would hand me that plate I pointed. Early gesture technology.
  • They get into intercommunication of data to help the kitchen. Kitchens are going thru a renaissance by the way.
  • Several more handouts to Monk conveyor belts, Vita Mojo EPOS, Deliveroo delivery platform, Fourth stock management, Toggle for gift cards and Yumpingo for consumer sentiment.

All in all a typical Intel paid proselytization

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